Kuran wa Munjan District

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Kuran wa Munjan
Location of Kuran wa Munjan
District Badakhshan
 • Type District council
 • Estimate ([citation needed]) 8,000

Kuran wa Munjan District is one of the 28 districts of Badakhshan Province in eastern Afghanistan. Located in the Hindu Kush mountains, the district is home to approximately 8,000 residents. The district capital is Kuran wa Munjan.

The district is in the southwest corner of the province, and is bordered on its northeast side by the Jurm and Zebak Districts. Most of the district's boundaries are adjacent to other Afghan provinces, but a very small section on the eastern edge of the district lies on the international border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The epicenter of the 2015 Hindu Kush earthquake occurred 45 km north of here on October 26.[1][2]


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  • Map at the Afghanistan Information Management Services
Lazurite specimen from Sar-i Sang, Kuran Wa Munjan District, where much of the world's finest lapis lazuli is mined.

Coordinates: 36°01′31″N 70°46′03″E / 36.0253°N 70.7675°E / 36.0253; 70.7675