Kurashiki Station

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Kurashiki Station
JR Kurashiki sta03n4592.jpg
Kurashiki Station in July 2008
Location Japan
Coordinates 34°36′06″N 133°45′57″E / 34.6018°N 133.7657°E / 34.6018; 133.7657
Operated by JR logo (west).svg JR West
Other information
Website Official website
Opened 25 April 1891
Kurashiki Station is located in Japan
Kurashiki Station
Kurashiki Station
Location within Japan

Kurashiki Station (倉敷駅?, Kurashiki-eki) is a JR West Sanyō Main Line and Hakubi Line railway station located in 1-1 1-chōme, Achi, Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture, Japan. All Sanyō Main Line and Hakubi Line express and limited express trains stop at this station. The Mizushima Coastal Railway Mizushima Main Line Kurashiki-shi Station is near the station.


  • 1891-04-25: Kurashiki Station opens as a station on the San'yō Railway
  • 1906-12-01: Kurashiki station is nationalized
  • 1987-04-01: Japanese National Railways is privatized, and Kurashiki Station becomes a JR West station
  • Spring 2007: Automatic ticket gates will be installed and begin being used
  • Summer 2007: The ICOCA card was scheduled to be accepted

Station building and platforms[edit]

Kurashiki Station platforms in March 2006

Kurashiki Station features both side- and island-style platform capable of handling several lines simultaneously. Each platform has an upper (上り) and lower end (下り) of the platform.

1 Sanyō Main Line (down) to Shin-KurashikiKasaokaFukuyamaMiharaHiroshima
2 (used for Sanyō Main Line and Mizushima Coastal Railway freight and special trains)
3 Sanyō Main Line (up) to OkayamaSetoWakeAioiHimejiBanshū-Akō
4 Hakubi Line to SōjaBitchū-TakahashiNiimiYonago
Limited Express (Yakumo) (down) to Niimi • Yonago • MatsueIzumoshi
Overnight Limited Express (Sunrise Izumo) (down) to Niimi • Yonago • Matsue • Izumoshi
5 Sanyō Main Line (up) to Okayama • Seto • Wake • Aioi • Himeji • Banshū-Akō
Limited Express (Yakumo) (up) to Okayama
Overnight Limited Express (Sunrise Izumo) (up) to Tokyo

Facilities located within the station building include the LeBlanc department store, the Hotel Kurashiki, the Nippon Travel Agency, McDonald's, and ATMs for Chugoku Bank and Tomato Bank.


South entrance[edit]

At the south entrance to Kurashiki Station is Kurashiki-shi Station, operated by Mizushima Coastal Railway as a station on the Mizushima Main Line. Chayamachi Station, which services the Uno and Honshibasan Lines (including the Seto Ōhashi Line) is accessible via a 22-minute bus ride operated by Shimotsui Electric Railway.

  • Ōhara Art Museum
  • Kurashiki Bikan Area
  • Kurashiki Station South Entrance Toyoko Inn
  • Kurashiki City Plaza East Building
  • Kurashiki City Plaza West Building
  • Tenmaya department store
  • Marunaka Kurashiki Station store (formerly Daiei Kurashiki)
  • Kurashiki Post Office and Kurashiki Japan Post Main Office
  • Kagawa Bank
  • Ryobi Sightseeing Bus Company, Kurashiki Office
  • Jumbo JJ Kurashiki Station Store (pachinko)
  • Mizushima Taxi

North entrance[edit]

Outside the north entrance was Kurashiki Tivoli Park, a popular amusement park, closed in 2008.

  • Kohnan Kurashiki Tivoli Park Store (home center)
  • Kurashiki Kotobuki-chō Post Office
  • Kurashiki Suishō High School
  • Kurashiki Municipal Higashi Junior High School

Highway access[edit]

Connecting lines[edit]

All lines are JR West lines.

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Coordinates: 34°36′06″N 133°45′57″E / 34.6018°N 133.7657°E / 34.6018; 133.7657