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Kurd Idol
Kurd Idol
GenreReality television
Presented byAlan Ciwan, Şatwan Ata
JudgesBijan Kamkar, Kanî, Adnan Karim and Nizamettin Ariç
Country of originKurdistan
Original language(s)Kurdish Languages (including Kurmanji, Sorani, Gorani, Zazaki, Southern Kurdish)
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes15 (as for May 9, 2017) (list of episodes)
Production location(s)Silêmanî, Iraqi Kurdistan
Camera setupMultiple Cameras
Running time1 Hour (±10 mins)
Original networkKurdsat
Picture format1080p
First shown inKurdistan
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Kurd Idol (Kurdish: کورد ئایدڵ / Kurd Aydil‎) is the first International franchise in Kurdish television history. Kurd Idol reality singing competition that is part of the Idols franchise created by Simon Fuller and owned by 19 Entertainment and FremantleMedia. Kurdsat acquired the production and broadcast rights for Kurd Idol. The series aims to find new solo recording artists from across the Kurdish diaspora and the winner would be decided by viewers' votes through the Internet, telephone and text messages. To project is aimed to select the Kurdish singers from the historical Kurdistan region and diaspora.


Auditions for Kurd Idol have been held in Kurdish cities of Van, Erbil, Mardin, Sanandaj, Slemani, and outside the region - in Berlin, Istanbul, Stockholm, Düsseldorf, Tbilisi and Yerevan.[1]

Season 1[edit]



17 contestants have been chosen among more than 2,000 candidates who auditioned and 172 candidates who were chosen by judges to attend the subsequent theatre round in Sulaymaniyah.

Order Contestant Age Native Language Hometown
1 Aştî Ezîz 23 Sorani Erbil, Iraq/Iraqi Kurdistan Southern Kurdistan
2 Bana Shirwan 16 Sorani Slemani, Iraq/Iraqi Kurdistan Southern Kurdistan
3 Cengiz Yazgı 29 Kurmanji Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul Kurdish community
4 Evîn Osman 29 Sorani Göteborg, Sweden Kurds in Sweden
5 Ferzad Mehdî 26 Gorani Marivan, Iran/Iraqi Kurdistan Eastern Kurdistan
Hêvî Zîn[2] 18 Kurmanji Mardin, Turkey/Iraqi Kurdistan Northern Kurdistan
6 Eşkan Ebdulrehman 25 Sorani Slemani, Iraq/Iraqi Kurdistan Southern Kurdistan
7 Jînda Kenco 25 Kurmanji Kobani, Syria/Iraqi Kurdistan Western Kurdistan
8 Roza Gergerî 25 Kurmanji Tbilisi, Georgia (country) Yazidi-Kurds in Georgia
9 Songül Düzgün 34 Zazaki Dêrsim, Turkey/Iraqi Kurdistan Northern Kurdistan
10 Tanya Aso 19 Sorani Slemani, Iraq/Iraqi Kurdistan Southern Kurdistan
11 Vedat Akarsu 19 Kurmanji Batman, Turkey/Iraqi Kurdistan Northern Kurdistan
12 Xezel Mistefa 22 Sorani Sardasht, Iran/Iraqi Kurdistan Eastern Kurdistan
13 Rewan Îbrahîm 24 Kurmanji Qamishli, Syria/Iraqi Kurdistan Western Kurdistan
14 Zêrevan Casim 20 Sorani Erbil, Iraq/Iraqi Kurdistan Southern Kurdistan
15 Mistefa Salar 28 Sorani Slemani, Iraq/Iraqi Kurdistan Southern Kurdistan
16 Ronî Artîn 24 Kurmanji Mardin, Turkey/Iraqi Kurdistan Northern Kurdistan
17 Ebdulla Mihemed 26 Sorani Erbil, Iraq/Iraqi Kurdistan Southern Kurdistan


According to the fact, that Kurdistan does not exist as a nation state, that is why the voting was able in three parts of the region — Eastern Kurdistan and whole Iran, Northern Kurdistan and whole Turkey, Southern Kurdistan and whole Iraq. The voting numbers were launched in few European countries where the Kurdish diaspora lives, particularly voting was able from Germany, Sweden, France and Denmark. Due the war in Syria, voting was not able in Rojava Kurdistan.


(Co-[disambiguation needed])s
Females Males Winner Bottom Elimination
Stage: Finals
Date: 6/16 6/23 6/30 7/7 7/14
Place Contestant Result
1 Jînda Kenco Winner
2 Ferzad Mehdî 1st Runner-Up
3 Xezel Mistefa 2nd Runner-Up
4 Vedat Akarsu Btm 5 Eliminated in Final
5 Bana Shirwan
6 Cengiz Yazgı Btm 4
7–9 Aştî Ezîz Elim
Zêrevan Casim
Tanya Aso Btm 4
10–11 Rewan Îbrahîm Elim
Ronî Artîn Btm 4 Btm 5
12 Eşkan Ebdulrehman Btm 4 WD
13–15 Roza Gergerî Elim
Ebdulla Mihemed
Evîn Osman
16–17 Songül Düzgün Elim
Mistefa Salar


  • Kurd Idol album and recording contract


  1. ^ Youtube Video on the Kurd Idol's auditions
  2. ^ According to the Kurd Idol's statemnent, Hêvî Zîn left the project because of political problems in Turkey, and was replaced by Eşkan Ebdulrehman. Kurd Idol Official Facebook page

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