Kurdish United Front

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Kurdish United Front (in Kurdish بەرەی يەکگرتووی كورد; in Persian جبهه متحد كرد ) is a political and social movement in Iran that was established in January 2006 to unite all Iranian Kurds to achieve their rights within the Iranian Constitution and to oppose social injustice against Kurds in Iran.

There are several chapters of the Front in different provinces (Kurdistan, Kermanshah, West Azerbaijan, Ilam, and Tehran). Some of the Front's founding members are: Mr. Kermanshah, Mr. Mohammad Raouf Ghaderi, Mr. Hossein Shahveissi, Dr. Bayazid Mardukhi, and Dr. Abdolali Shamsborhan as shown in the first photo. Mr. Bahaoddin Adab, the first speaker of the Front died on August 15, 2007 and Dr. Mardukhi has been chosen as its new speaker, 14 September 2007, in Tehran.

The Front celebrated its first anniversary in Tehran on January 4, 2007, with more than 300 guests.