Kurdistan Freedom Party

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Kurdistan Freedom Party

پارتی ئازادیی کوردستان
LeaderHussein Yazdanpanah
Founded1991; 28 years ago (1991)
IdeologyKurdish nationalism
Political positionCentre-left
ColorsOrange and white

Kurdistan Freedom Party, (Kurdish: پارتی ئازادیی کوردستان‎ – Parti Azadi Kurdistan), abbreviated as PAK, is a Kurdish political party active in both Iranian and Iraqi Kurdistan which seeks the attainment of Kurdish national rights within a democratic federal republic of Iran. The group was founded in 1991[1] although it was first called Revolutionary Union of Kurdistan and changed its name to PAK shortly before 2007.[2] One of the leading figures of the group is Hussein Yazdanpanah, often named as secretary general of the Party.[3]

PAK has armed Peshmerga units, named Kurdistan Freedom Eagles for East Kurdistan (HAK-R). They are also sometimes referred to as "Kurdistan Freedom Falcons"[4] (not to be confused with the Kurdistan Freedom Hawks in Turkey). These Peshmerga have been involved in the Iraqi Civil War, fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) along with other Kurdish forces. They received training from US forces during their struggle against ISIL in Kirkuk, where they played a crucial role.[5] Some members of the Kurdistan Freedom Party also travelled to Syria and helped to defend Kobanî against ISIL.[6]

In April 2016, HAK-R attacked Iranian government security forces in Sanandaj during the annual Army Day Parade of Iran, ending its cease-fire and resume its armed struggle.[7]


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