Kurdistan Revolutionary Party

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Kurdistan Revolutionary Party
Leader Abd as-Sattar Tahir Sharif
Founded 1964 (1964)
Split from Kurdish Democratic Party from 1964 until 1970, 1974-present
Merged into Kurdish Democratic Party from 1970 until 1974
Ideology Kurdish nationalism
Party flag
Flag of the Kurdistan Revolutionary Party (Iraq).svg
Politics of Iraq
Political parties

Kurdish Revolutionary Party (Arabic: الحزب الثوري الكردستاني‎) was a political party in Iraq seeking independence for the Kurdish people. Originally formed in 1964, it merged into Kurdish Democratic Party in 1970. The party was revived by a group of anti-Barzani dissidents in the KDP leadership in 1974. The refounded Kurdish Revolutionary Party joined the National Progressive Front and supported the Kurdish autonomy law proposed by the Iraqi government.[1][2] The party was led by Abd as-Sattar Tahir Sharif,[3] who left Iraq in 1999.[4]

The party obtained two seats in the national parliament in the March 24, 1996, elections.[5]

The party held its 14th national congress on August 21, 2000.[6]


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