Kurdistan Revolutionary Party

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Kurdistan Revolutionary Party
الحزب الثوري الكردستاني
Leader Abd as-Sattar Tahir Sharif
Founded 1964 (1964)
Split from Kurdish Democratic Party from 1964 until 1970, 1974-present
Merged into Kurdish Democratic Party from 1970 until 1974
Ideology Kurdish nationalism
Party flag
Flag of the Kurdistan Revolutionary Party (Iraq).svg

Kurdish Revolutionary Party (Arabic: الحزب الثوري الكردستاني‎‎) was a political party in Iraq seeking independence for the Kurdish people. Originally formed in 1964, it merged into Kurdish Democratic Party in 1970. The party was revived by a group of anti-Barzani dissidents in the KDP leadership in 1974. The refounded Kurdish Revolutionary Party joined the National Progressive Front and supported the Kurdish autonomy law proposed by the Iraqi government.[1][2] The party was led by Abd as-Sattar Tahir Sharif,[3] who left Iraq in 1999.[4]

The party obtained two seats in the national parliament in the March 24, 1996, elections.[5]

The party held its 14th national congress on August 21, 2000.[6]


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