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Kurdistan Toilers' Party (Kurdish: Parti Zahmatkeshan Kurdistan‎) founded according to the party in 1985, is a splinter from the Kurdistan Socialist Party, and later a member of the Iraqi Kurdistan Front. Led by Khalid Zangana and now by Qadir Aziz.

It publishes the newspaper Alay Azadi (Banner of Freedom) in Sulaymaniyya. A few cultural and ideological periodicals ("Pesh Kawtin" and "Nojan") are also reportedly published and television and radio programmes put out on its own broadcasting stations. It was included in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan-dominated government. It has poor relations with the Kurdistan Democratic Party and has no offices in Kurdistan Democratic Party territory.

Currently it has one seat in Kurdistan parliament and one minister in the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Kurdistan Toilers' Party is part of the Kurdistan Alliance Bloc ("Hawpeymanî Kurdistan", no. 372) to the Iraqi Parliament. The first listed candidate for Silêmanî Governorate for the party was Jalal Dabagh, a prominent Kurdish politician.

The leader of Kurdistan Toilers Party is Mr.Balen Mahmoud

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