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Kurebhar is a village in Sultanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. The village was originally called Koor-e-bahar. It was a small village at the time of British rule. Now there is a small market, development office, police station, railway station, and health centre. The city of sultanpur have many significant due to their markable history. The people of this city are converted Muslim duri g the sher shah suri in 14th century. Islam spread here by the Sufis mainly mubarka jaisi, jalal sha and panchon peeran. The clans are kunwar, bachgotis and bbale sultan.

Political Area

Many politician belongs to kurebhar like as Late. Ram Baran Verma MLA Essauli Constituency in 1977 from Janta Party was from a village of kurebhar Mirdaspur near Guptarganj market

Coordinates: 26°26′N 82°07′E / 26.433°N 82.117°E / 26.433; 82.117