Kurgalsky Peninsula

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Designated13 September 1994
Reference no.690[1]
The south coast of the Gulf of Finland.

The Kurgalsky Peninsula (Russian: Кургальский полуостров) is a peninsula that divides the southern part of the Gulf of Finland into the Narva Bay (to the west) and the Luga Bay (to the east). The northernmost spot is Cape Pitkenen-Nos. The peninsula is rather swampy and contains several lakes. About 650 km² of wetland are protected as a Ramsar site. The port of Ust'-Luga is situated on the peninsula. There are many Izhorian villages in the district.

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Coordinates: 59°42′N 28°08′E / 59.700°N 28.133°E / 59.700; 28.133