Kurgan State University

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Kurgan State University
Курганский государственный университет
Former name
Курганский машиностроительный институт, 1960—1995
Курганский педагогический институт, 1955—1995
Established 1995 (1995)
Location Kurgan, Kurgan Oblast, Russia
Website pk.kgsu.ru

Kurgan State University is a university in Kurgan, Kurgan Oblast of Russia. It was established in 1951[1] in accordance with presidential decree[which?] by the merger of engineering and public teaching institutions. University prepares specialists humanitarian, socio-economic and technical specialties.

The University is located in six buildings. Training is on teaching and laboratory-based area of over 52400 square meters.



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Coordinates: 55°26′12″N 65°19′58″E / 55.4367°N 65.3328°E / 55.4367; 65.3328