Kurmitola High School & College

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Kurmitola High School & College
কুর্মিটোলা হাই স্কুল এন্ড কলেজ

Coordinates23°49′49″N 90°25′19″E / 23.83037°N 90.42196°E / 23.83037; 90.42196Coordinates: 23°49′49″N 90°25′19″E / 23.83037°N 90.42196°E / 23.83037; 90.42196
Established1948 (1948)
School districtDhaka District
SuperintendentMd. Rafiqul Islam
PrincipalAbdul Khalek
Teaching staff100
Grades1 to 12
Age range5-18
Hours in school day10
Campus size0.84 acre
Campus typeUrban
SportsFootball, cricket, basketball, volleyball, badminton, handball
Team nameKHSC

Kurmitola High School (KHS) (Bengali: কুর্মিটোলা উচ্চ বিদ্যালয়) is a co-educational Bangladeshi higher secondary school (Grade I-XII) situated in Khilkhet, Dhaka about 1 kilometre south of Shahjalal International Airport.[1] The school provides education to its students in Bengali medium under the national curriculum. Students are admitted into the institution in first to twelfth grade. The school has 5000 students and employs 100 teaching staff and 20 other staff.


Kurmitola High School is one of the oldest high schools in Bangladesh that started its journey back in 1948. At first the school was weakly constructed in Khilkhet Tanpara Puran Bazar, but after 1960 it changed to a new location (where it stands today) and was permanently constructed near the center of Khilkhet Bazar.

In 1971, during the war of liberation, the school was demolished by the Pakistani army, but, after independence, some local people rebuilt the school to give it its new shape. Now, Kurmitola High School is established as a high schools in central Dhaka where 4500 students are studying.

School Managing Committee[edit]

  • MD. Abul Hossain (Chairman)
  • আলহাজ্ব মোঃ শাহিনুর ইসলাম
  • Taslima Akter Eti (Reserved Women Member)
  • Jahirul Islam (Guardian Member)
  • D.M. Nuzrul Islam (Guardian Member)
  • Amainul Islam (Guardian Member)
  • Ainun Naher (Reserved Women Teachers' Representative)
  • Shadona Dey (Teachers' Representative)
  • MD. Shahidul Islam (Teachers' Representative)
  • MD. Abdul Khalek (Head Master & Member Secretary)


KHS provides education to its students in the Secondary Bengali medium under the national curriculum. Students perform well in both SSC (public examination taken by students after completing grade 10) and also in Junior Scholarship Test (Government scholarship test for eighth graders).


KHS follows the national curriculum which includes traditional lower secondary and secondary school academic subjects. Computer education is compulsory for students of grades 6-8 and optional for later grades. Students of secondary (9 and 10) classes elect to one of three major groups : Arts/Humanities, Business Studies and Science. Students of grade 10 are prepared for their SSC examinations. Selected students of grade 8 are prepared for their Junior Scholarship Test (Government scholarship test for eighth graders).

Examination name Year Total examine Total Passed Passed Rate
SSC 2010 270 268 99%
SSC 2009 313 296 95%
JSC 2010 379 365 96%
Source: Kurmitola high school Magazine Named Drik-2010

Academic performance in Junior Scholarship Test (Government scholarship test for eighth graders) in the recent years are as following:

Examination name Year Talentpool scholarships received General scholarships received Total scholarships received
SSC 2005 02 03 05
2006 03 --- 03
2007 04 --- 04
2008 03 --- 03
2009 01 --- 01
JSC 2005 03 09 12
2006 02 10 12
2007 04 05 09
2008 03 08 11
2009 05 09 14
Source: Kurmitola high school Magazine Named Drik-2010

Academic performance in SSC:

Year Total examine A+ A A- B C D Total passed Percentage of pass
2005 207 19 36 40 37 30 - 162 78%
2006 297 09 105 60 45 07 - 226 76%
2007 268 13 118 62 44 16 - 253 96%
2008 315 51 150 78 30 06 - 311 99%
2009 341 37 111 96


The KHS campus consists of two interconnected buildings and a sports ground. The first building and the second building are four stories and five stories high. The first five floors excluding the ground floor of both inter-connected buildings are used for academic purposes. The school canteen and administrative offices are in the ground floor. The ground is for playing cricket, football, badminton, and handball.


All students wear uniform: Boys: blue Shirt, khaki pant and white shoe. Girls: blue frock, white Payjama, white Orna and white shoe.


K.H.S has outdoor facilities for inter-class football, cricket, handball and other competitions. Indoor games facilities include table tennis, carrom, chess and word making.


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