Kurobe-Unazukionsen Station

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Kurobe-Unazukionsen Station

Kurobe-Unazukionsen Station.jpg
The east side of Kurobe-Unazukionsen Station in January 2017
Location3210-3 Wakaguri, Kurobe-shi, Toyama-ken
Coordinates36°52′29″N 137°28′56″E / 36.87472°N 137.48222°E / 36.87472; 137.48222Coordinates: 36°52′29″N 137°28′56″E / 36.87472°N 137.48222°E / 36.87472; 137.48222
Operated byJR logo (west).svg JR West
Line(s)Shinkansen jrw.svg Hokuriku Shinkansen
Distance253.1 km from Takasaki
Platforms2 side platforms
Other information
StatusStaffed (Midori no Madoguchi)
WebsiteOfficial website
Opened14 March 2015
Kurobe-Unazukionsen Station is located in Japan
Kurobe-Unazukionsen Station
Kurobe-Unazukionsen Station
Location within Japan

Kurobe-Unazukionsen Station (黒部宇奈月温泉駅, Kurobe-Unazuki-onsen-eki) is a railway station on the high-speed Hokuriku Shinkansen line in Kurobe, Toyama, Japan, operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West). It opened on 14 March 2015. Shin-Kurobe Station on the Toyama Chihō Railway Main Line is connected to the station by a walkway.


Kurobe-Unazukionsen Station is served by the high-speed Hokuriku Shinkansen line from Tokyo to Kanazawa, and is located 253.1 km from the official starting point of the line at Takasaki.[1] Only semi-fast Hakutaka Tokyo-to-Kanazawa services stop at Kurobe-Unazukionsen,[1] with a roughly hourly service in each direction.

Station layout[edit]

The station consists of elevated platforms for the Hokuriku Shinkansen, with exits located on the east, west, and south sides of the station building.


The elevated shinkansen platforms consist of two 312 m long side platforms serving two tracks. The platforms are fitted with chest-high platform edge doors.[1]

1  Hokuriku Shinkansen for Nagano and Tokyo
2  Hokuriku Shinkansen for Toyama and Kanazawa

The departure melody used for the shinkansen platforms is "Kirameki: Mizu no Miyako kara" (煌~水の都から~), composed by singer-songwriter Kei Takahara [ja], who was born in Toyama Prefecture.[2]


The station has a "Midori no Madoguchi" staffed ticket office. Toilets are located on the ground floor, and waiting rooms and smoking rooms are provided on both of the platforms.

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
Hokuriku Shinkansen
Kagayaki: Does not stop at this station
Itoigawa   Hakutaka   Toyama


The station under construction in September 2014

Initially given the tentative name of Shin-Kurobe Station (新黒部駅, lit. "New Kurobe Station"), the station name of Kurobe-Unazukionsen was formally made public on 7 June 2013.[3] The name combines the name of the city of Kurobe with Unazuki Onsen, a famous hot spring resort nearby, and the base to ride The Kurobe Gorge Railway.[4]

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