Kurram River

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River flow in khyber pakhtunkhwa.JPG
Country Afghanistan & Pakistan
province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Region Kurram Agency
 - right Gambila
 - location 20 km southeast of Gardez, Paktia
Mouth Indus River
 - location Isa Khel
Length 320 km (199 mi)

Kurram River (Pashto: د کرمې سيند‎) is located in Paktia and Khost provinces of Afghanistan and Kurram Agency, North Waziristan Agency and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It drains the southern flanks of the Spin Ghar mountain range and is a right bank tributary of the Indus River. Kurram River is also mentioned in the Rig Veda under the name of Krumu.

Origin and route of flow[edit]

Kurram River rises 20 km southeast of Gardez in Spin Ghar mountains, Paktia Province in eastern Afghanistan. The river flows through mountainous gorges in a northeasterly direction, crossing the Afghanistan–Pakistan border about 80 km southwest of Jalalabad and in ancient times offered the most direct route from Kabul and Gardez to modern-day northwestern Pakistan (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). The route crossed the Peiwar Kotal Pass 3,439 m (11,283 ft) high, just over 20 km west of Parachinar, which is blocked by snow for several months of the year. The Kurram River joins the Indus River near Isa Khel after a course of more than 320 km (200 mi).

Hydropower potential[edit]

Kurram River has great hydropower potential which could be harnessed for cheap electric power generation. The under construction dam (Kurram Tangi Dam) on Kurram river has generating capacity of 83.4 MW and will irrigate an area of 84,380 acres, while also will supplement 278,000 acres of existing system of Civil and Marwat Canals.

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