Kursk State University

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Kursk State University

Курский государственный университет

KSU emblema.png
Established 1934
Rector Vyacheslav V. Gvozdev
Administrative staff
approx. 900
Students approx. 10,000
Location Kursk, Russia
Campus Urban
Website http://www.kursk-uni.ru

Kursk State University (Russian Курский государственный университет) is Kursk's oldest higher educational institution, founded in 1934 as Kursk State Pedagogical Institute, later in 1994 transformed into Kursk State Pedagogical University and has a current status since 2003.

University today[edit]

Today, the University is a science and education center offering modern educational technologies and various forms of vocational training within 99 licensed specialties of higher education (specialist, Bachelor and Master programmes) as well as PhD programmes in 38 areas of specialisation.

The staff of about 900 tutors and researchers in the 67 university departments includes 93 faculty members possess full doctorate degrees, and 440 have PhD degrees.

Kursk State University operates six education buildings, over 100 natural science labs with a variety of high-tech equipment, nearly 50 specialised study rooms for the humanities, an astronomical observatory, ten multimedia classrooms, a conference hall, a TV-centre, industrial training facilities, art studios, a library and reading halls, zoological, mineralogical and archeological museums, a biological and agricultural testing centre, gymnasiums and many other facilities. The construction of a seventh building and a community centre is currently under way. Additional facilities include three hostels and a student medical centre.


  1. Physics and Mathematics
  2. Natural Sciences and Geography
  3. Computer Sciences
  4. Philology
  5. Foreign Languages
  6. History
  7. Economics and Management
  8. Law
  9. Pedagogics and Psychology
  10. Industrial Education
  11. Special Needs Education
  12. Philosophy, Social and Cultural Studies
  13. Theology and Religious Studies
  14. Fine Arts
  15. Arts
  16. Physical Training and Sport
  17. Professional Retraining
  18. Preparatory Studies
  19. Actual Applied Specialties

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