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Kurt Ehrenreich Floericke (1869-1934)
Front cover of Heuschrecken und Libellen (1922)

Kurt Ehrenreich Floericke (also spelled Curt and/or Flöricke; 23 March 1869, in Zeitz – 29 October 1934, in Stuttgart) was a German naturalist and author of numerous popular science books.

From 1889, Floericke studied natural sciences in Breslau and Marburg and he gained a doctorate in 1893 with a thesis on the bird fauna of Silesia. He then extended his studies to east and south-east Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and South America. In 1902, he moved to Vienna, where he made a living as an author. His financial position was assured when he became the editor and owner of Kosmos Die Zeitschrift für alle Freunde der Natur, Kosmos Magazine for the Friends of Nature 1904- Stuttgart. Floericke inspired the formation of the Süddeutsche Vogelwarte, the South German Ornithological Institute.


  • Einheimische Fische (1913)
  • Schnecken und Muscheln (1920)
  • Spinnen und Spinnenleben (1921)
  • Allerlei Gewürm (1921)
  • Heuschrecken und Libellen (1922)
  • Falterleben (1923)
  • Aussterbende Tiere (1927)


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