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Kurt Schemers readies to discuss "Magical Disney boosts it stock dividend" piece for Market Flash.[1]

Kurt Schemers is the founder, creator, and host of Traders Nation(tm), which was launched in 2001 with Tom Allinder as co-host.

Early life and family[edit]

Schemers is the youngest of seven brothers and sisters was born in Detroit, Michigan. In 1971, at the age of 6, his family moved to Arizona. He has been married for 30 years and has two sons.


Schemers is recognized for taking small cap stocks into the mainstream media starting in 2001 with the creation of Traders Nation(tm). He leveraged Internet websites dedicated to small cap traders by bringing them on as affiliates for Traders Nation(tm) thereby capturing and then maintaining the largest market share on the Internet, terrestrial radio, and television for small cap broadcasting to this day. A professional anchor and host who has thousands of memorable visits under his belt with nationally-recognized guests such as country-icon Willie Nelson, billionaire Steve Forbes, Ken Fisher, Larry Winget, Former Treasury Under Secretary John B. Taylor, Congressman Mickey Edwards, and former Iraqi Minister of Defense and Finance Ali A. Allawi. Schemers also served as highly successful company spokesperson, generated positive media relations, identified as an Industry expert, and garnered coverage in business/ industry publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, and cover of Penny Cents Magazine twice, and quoted in published books.

Schemers created Market Flash, first announced January 21, 2005, as a media vignette of daily market news. Listeners dial in for a array of market coverage and news-makers as Market Flash is syndicated to stations over the internet, mobile apps, and through commercial radio stations worldwide.

Schemers helped pioneer the CEO interview for the small cap public space. While he didn’t “invent” the CEO interview, it was his trademark presence with Traders Nation(tm) and market dominance that created a multi-million dollar a year industry making the CEO interview a very popular medium for companies to tell their story.

Schemers started his terrestrial on-air career in Phoenix, Arizona on 1190 AM, a NBC affiliate station. Schemers systematically expanded his move onto the national arena with his syndicated radio show into other states from California, Oregon, New York, and Florida with many states in between. Traders Nation(tm) was syndicated on cable television nationally that peaked with over 46 station affiliates that carried the show through the AMGTV syndication group. Additionally, Traders Nation(tm) was the only financial talk show pre-loaded in Apple's iTunes software, and had been found in RealMedia's European player, and Equity Feed commercial software platform.

- He portrayed himself in the 2008 Sony / Columbia Pictures film Pineapple Express.

- SyFy Channel, Paranormal Witness, Officer Dean Thomas, Season 5, Episode 10 - “The Jail”.

Book and column writing, media appearances, and broadcast media development are Schemers professional interests. Schemers has been on the cover of Smallcap Magazines twice and has been written up within various books and trade publications.


Schemers was instrumental in the development of two broadcast media programs and trading tools. One of them was ProXstream(r), an online trading platform for the professional trader. ProXstream(r), a trading tool and media player became a highly sought-after application which became a “Popular Download” at Download.com owned by CNET, a CBS Interactive Inc. company. The other was a “Dual Broadcast Media Player”.


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