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Kurt Sutter
Kurt Sutter by Gage Skidmore 3.jpg
Born Rahway, New Jersey

Rutgers University

Northern Illinois University
Occupation Screenwriter
Years active 2002–present
Spouse(s) Katey Sagal
Children 1 daughter
2 stepchildren

Kurt Leon Sutter is an American screenwriter, director, producer, and actor. He worked as a producer, writer, and director on The Shield, and appeared on the show as hitman Margos Dezerian. Sutter is also the creator of Sons of Anarchy on FX; he wrote, produced, and directed the series, as well as played incarcerated club member Otto Delaney. Sutter spent time with members of an outlaw club in Northern California as research for Sons of Anarchy.[1] Sutter's wife, actress Katey Sagal, was one of the show's lead actresses.

Early life[edit]

Sutter was born in Rahway, New Jersey. His father worked at the General Motors plant in Linden, New Jersey and his mother was a secretary for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Newark. He has two older sisters.[2] He grew up in the township of Clark, New Jersey[2] and graduated from Roselle Catholic High School in 1982.[2]

Sutter attended Livingston College for the journalism department of Rutgers University—which was located there—eventually graduating from Rutgers University with a BA in mass media with a minor in English in 1986. He moved to New York City and studied Meisner technique, did theater, and taught at the Gately/Poole Conservatory.[2] Sutter then attended Northern Illinois University for three years, starting in 1997, to obtain his M.F.A. in performance and directing.[2]


Sutter moved to Los Angeles, California in 2000.[2]

Sutter was hired as a staff writer for the first season of FX crime drama The Shield in 2002. He made his television writing debut with the episode "Blowback", in which he appeared as Armenian mob hitman Margos Dezerian. He co-wrote the episodes "Dragonchasers" and "Two Days of Blood" with fellow staff writer Scott Rosenbaum, and was promoted to story editor for the second season in 2003. He wrote the episodes "Scar Tissue" and "Dead Soldiers" and in 2004, joined the production team in the junior role of co-producer for the third season. He continued to write episodes and scripted "Playing Tight" and "Mum" with series creator and executive producer Shawn Ryan, "Slipknot" solo, and "Fire in the Hole" with consulting producer Charles H. Eglee. He reprised his role as Dezerian in the season's final episodes "All In" and "On Tilt".[citation needed]

He was promoted to supervising producer for the fourth season in 2005. He wrote the episode "Grave" solo, co-wrote the story for the episode "Judas Priest" with Eglee and co-wrote the teleplay with Rosenbaum. He co-wrote the story for the season finale "Ain't That a Shame" with Ryan; Ryan co-wrote the teleplay for the episode with co-executive producer Glen Mazzara. Sutter became a co-executive producer for the fifth season in 2006. He wrote the episode "Extraction", co-wrote the episode "Trophy" with Renee Palya and Tony Soltis, and co-wrote the season's penultimate episode "Fire in the Hole" with Eglee.[citation needed]

He became an executive producer for the sixth season in 2007, directed a promotional mini-episode for the sixth season entitled "Wins and Losses," and wrote the sixth season premiere "On the Jones". He co-wrote the episode "Exiled" with Rosenbaum, also now an executive producer.[citation needed]

Sutter returned as an executive producer and writer for the seventh and final season in 2008. He wrote the premiere "Coefficient of Drag" and co-wrote the episode "Parricide" with Gary Lennon. At the close of the season he was the series' second most prolific writer (after Ryan), having written or co-written 18 episodes in total.[citation needed]

Also in autumn 2008, Sutter created and executive produced a new series for FX entitled Sons of Anarchy. The show centers on the titular motorcycle club in California. He was the series head writer and showrunner. Along with the pilot episode he wrote the episodes "Seeds", "Fun Town[3]", "The Pull[4]", "Capybara", "The Sleep of Babies", and the season finale "The Revelator"; Sutter also directed "The Revelator". Sutter appears in the show as incarcerated club member Otto Delaney, and he cast his wife Katey Sagal in the starring role as the club's matriarch Gemma Teller. Sutter also hired several crew members whom he had worked with on The Shield, including unit production manager and producer Kevin G. Cremin, post-production supervisor and producer Craig Yahata, and directors Guy Ferland, Stephen Kay, Gwyneth Horder-Payton, Paris Barclay, Terence O'Hara, and Billy Gierhart. The first season also featured The Shield star Jay Karnes as a recurring special guest star playing ATF Agent Joshua Kohn.[5] This is a trend that continued in later seasons with the majority of the main cast of The Shield appearing in later episodes in a variety of different roles.

Sutter at the San Diego Comic-Con International in July 2011

Sutter remained showrunner and executive producer for the series' second season in 2009. He wrote the series premiere "Albification", co-wrote the episode "Eureka" with Brett Conrad, co-wrote the episode "Gilead" with co-producer Chris Collins, co-wrote the episode "Potlatch" with Misha Green, co-wrote the teleplay for the episode "Service" with co-executive producer Jack LoGiudice from a story by Brady Dahl and Cory Udica, co-wrote the episode "The Culling" with consulting producer Dave Erickson, and wrote and directed the season finale "Na Trioblóidí". The second season featured The Shield star Kenny Johnson as a special guest star playing a club member named Kozik.[citation needed]

Sutter returned as showrunner and executive producer for the third season in 2010. He wrote the season premiere "SO", co-wrote the episode "Oiled" with Erickson, now a co-executive producer, co-wrote the episode "Home" with Liz Sagal, series' star Katey Sagal's sister and his sister-in-law. He co-wrote the episode "Widening Gyre" with co-producer Regina Corrado and the episode "Lochan Mor" with Erickson and Liz Sagal. He wrote the story for the episode "Turas"; the teleplay was co-written by Collins (now a producer) and Dahl. He co-wrote the episode "Firinne" with Vaunn Wilmott and the episode "Bainne" with Corrado and Erickson. He wrote the story for the episode "June Wedding"; Collins wrote the teleplay. He reprised the role of Otto in the season finale, titled "NS", which he also directed and co-wrote with Erickson. Johnson returned as Kozik in the third season.[citation needed]

In 2010, Dreamworks picked up Sutter's film script, Southpaw, and Eminem was eyed for the lead role. The film was dropped by Dreamworks in 2011,[6][7] and was later picked up by MGM and Columbia Pictures.[8] Antoine Fuqua directed the film, and Jake Gyllenhaal replaced Eminem in the lead. Rachel McAdams, Rita Ora, 50 Cent, and Forest Whitaker also appeared in the film.[9] Southpaw was released on July 24, 2015, by The Weinstein Company.[10]

in 2014, it was announced Sutter had begun developing The Bastard Executioner, a new series for FX Network, The series was ordered to pilot on December 12, 2014.[11] Katey Segal, Lee Jones, and Stephen Moyer signed on to join the cast of the pilot.[12][13] on May 22, 2015, the pilot was ordered to series with a 10-episode launch to premiere on September 15, 2015, on FX.[14][15]

Projects in development[edit]

A prequel to Sons of Anarchy at FX Networks.[16]

Personal life[edit]

Sutter married actress Katey Sagal in a private ceremony on October 2, 2004, at their home in Los Feliz, California.[17] Their first child, daughter Esme Louise, was born January 10, 2007. Esme was carried by a surrogate mother.[18]

Sutter is an animal rights activist and is vegan.[19]

Sutter is also a motorcycle enthusiast.[citation needed]



Year Film Notes
2015 Southpaw None



Year Show Role Notes
2014 Sons of Anarchy Executive producer Season 7
2013 Season 6
2012 Season 5
2011 Season 4
2010 Season 3
2009 Season 2
2008 Season 1
The Shield Executive producer Season 7
2007 Season 6
2006 Co-executive producer Season 5
2005 Supervising producer Season 4
2004 Co-producer Season 3
2003 Story editor Season 2
2002 Staff writer Season 1


Year Show Season Episode title Episode Original airdate Notes
2010 Sons of Anarchy 3 "NS" 13 30 November 2010 Co-written with Dave Erickson
"June Wedding" 12 23 November 2010 Story by Sutter, teleplay by Chris Collins
"Bainne" 11 16 November 2010 Co-written with Dave Erickson and Regina Corrado
"Fírinne" 10 9 November 2010 Co-written with Vaun Wilmott
"Turas" 9 2 November 2010 Story by Sutter, teleplay co-written by Chris Collins and Brady Dahl
"Lochan Mor" 8 26 October 2010 Co-written with Dave Erickson and Liz Sagal
"Widening Gyre" 7 19 October 2010 Co-written with Regina Corrado
"Home" 4 28 September 2010 Co-written with Liz Sagal
"Oiled" 2 14 September 2010 Co-written with Dave Erickson
"So" 1 7 September 2010
2009 2 "Na Triobloidi" 13 1 December 2009
"The Culling" 12 24 November 2009 Co-written with Dave Erickson
"Service" 11 17 November 2009 Teleplay co-written with Jack LoGiudice from a story by Brady Dahl and Cori Udica
"Potlatch" 8 27 October 2009 Co-written with Misha Green
"Gilead" 7 20 October 2009 Co-written with Chris Collins
"Eureka" 4 29 September 2009 Co-written with Brett Conrad
"Albification" 1 8 September 2009
2008 1 "The Revelator" 13 26 November 2008
"The Sleep of Babies" 12 19 November 2008
"Capybara" 11 12 November 2008 Co-written with Dave Erickson
"The Pull" 8 22 October 2008 Co-written with Jack LoGiudice
"Fun Town" 3 17 September 2008
"Seeds" 2 10 September 2008
"Pilot" 1 3 September 2008
The Shield 7 "Parricide" 8 21 October 2008 Co-written with Gary Lennon
"Coefficient of Drag" 1 2 September 2008
2007 6 "Exiled" 7 15 May 2007 Co-written with Scott Rosenbaum
"On The Jones" 1 3 April 2007
2006 5 "Of Mice and Lem" 10 14 March 2006 Co-written with Charles H. Eglee
"Trophy" 5 7 February 2006 Co-written with Renee Palya and Tony Soltis
"Extraction" 1 10 January 2006
2005 4 "Ain't That a Shame" 13 14 June 2005 Story co-written with Shawn Ryan, teleplay by Ryan and Glen Mazzara
"Judas Priest" 12 7 June 2005 Story co-written with Charles H. Eglee, teleplay co-written with Scott Rosenbaum
"Grave" 2 22 March 2005
2004 3 "Fire in the Hole" 13 1 June 2004 Co-written with Charles H. Eglee
"Slipknot" 9 4 May 2004
"Mum" 5 6 April 2004 Co-written with Shawn Ryan
"Playing Tight" 1 9 March 2004 Co-written with Shawn Ryan
2003 2 "Scar Tissue" 8 25 February 2003
"Dead Soldiers" 2 14 January 2003
2002 1 "Two Days of Blood" 12 28 May 2002 Co-written with Scott Rosenbaum
"Dragonchasers" 10 14 May 2002 Co-written with Scott Rosenbaum
"Blowback" 5 9 April 2002


Year Show Season Episode title Episode Original airdate Notes
2011 Sons of Anarchy 4 "To Be, Act 2" 14 6 December 2011 Season finale Pt. 2
"To Be, Act 1" 13 29 November 2011 Season finale Pt. 1
2010 3 "NS" 13 30 November 2010 Season finale
2009 2 "Na Triobloidi" 13 1 December 2009 Season finale
2008 1 "The Revelator" 13 26 November 2008 Season finale
2007 The Shield 6 "Wins and Losses" 0 15 February 2007 Promotional short for season 6


Year Show Role Season Episode title Episode Original airdate Notes
2012 Sons of Anarchy Otto 5 "Small World" 6 16 October 2012 Uncredited appearance
2011 4 "Call of Duty" 11 15 November 2011 Uncredited appearance
"Brick" 5 4 October 2011 Uncredited appearance
"Una Venta" 4 27 September 2011 Uncredited appearance
"Out" 1 6 September 2011 Uncredited appearance
2010 3 "NS" 13 30 November 2010 Uncredited appearance
2009 2 "Na Triobloidi" 13 1 December 2009 Uncredited appearance
"Fa Guan" 9 3 November 2009 Uncredited appearance
"Smite" 5 6 October 2009 Uncredited appearance
"Small Tears" 2 15 September 2009 Uncredited appearance
2008 1 "Better Half" 10 5 November 2008 Uncredited appearance
"Giving Back" 5 1 October 2008 Uncredited appearance
2004 The Shield Margos Dezerian 3 "On Tilt" 15 15 June 2004 Uncredited appearance
"All In" 14 8 June 2004 Uncredited appearance
2002 1 "Blowback" 5 9 April 2002 Uncredited appearance

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