Kuru fasulye

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Kuru fasulye
Kuru fasulye
An annual kuru fasulye festival is held in Kaymaz, Sivrihisar.

Kuru fasulye is a stewed bean dish in Turkish cuisine.[1][2] It is made primarily with white beans and olive oil, and onion and tomato paste or tomato sauce are almost invariably used. Sometimes other vegetables or meat may also be added, especially pastirma. Kuru fasulye is often served along with rice or bulgur. It is often considered the national dish of Turkey.[3][4]

Its counterpart[citation needed] in Greek cuisine is called fasolada.

In Iraq it is called فاصوليا يابسة and it is usually served with rice that has a specific name called تمن so it will be تمن و فاصوليا يابسة.

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