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Kurunta is the Hittite god of wild animals and hunting. Similar tasks has the god Innara.

Kurunta's Insignia was the deer. He became king of gods after he had thrown Tarhun down from the sky. The god rebel forces humanity against the gods and even does not care about the powerful gods. Because of the wish of gods to get sacrifices furthermore without getting them Enki and Kumarbi unite against Kurunta. With help of Nara-Napsara, the brother of A'as from the underworld, thei force all animals and the mountain god Nasalma against Kurunta. After that Kurunta is killed by Tarhun and Ninurta so he accepts Tarhun's sovereignty. Kurunta takes part at the conference of gods after Telipinu's return. He is also the saving god of Carchemish.