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Kuruvadweep'(11°49′18″N 76°5′32″E / 11.82167°N 76.09222°E / 11.82167; 76.09222Coordinates: 11°49′18″N 76°5′32″E / 11.82167°N 76.09222°E / 11.82167; 76.09222) is a 950-acre (3.8 km2) protected river delta on the Kabini River in the Wayanad district, Kerala, India.[1] Kuruvadweep is the only island surrounded with naturally purified water source in Kerala.

Kuruva Islands, Wayanad
Coordinates: 11°49′18″N 76°05′27″E / 11.82165°N 76.09079°E / 11.82165; 76.09079
Country India
State Kerala

These group of islands consists of dense and evergreen forest that is uninhabited and hence home to rare kinds of flora and fauna: endemic species of birds, orchids and herbs namely. Its unique geographical characteristics make it a place where not only the leaves but also silence is evergreen. Its 16.7 km from the nearest town itself and thus it has become a place of attraction. Recently, it has been named as the most visited place in the district by tourists from all over the globe.

The island surrounded by streams and river is accessible by rafts or fiber boats run by Kerala Tourism Department. Entrance to the island is restricted and monitored by the Forest Department of Kerala, initiative to protect forest. Due the sheer number of elephants and other animals in the island, a pass has to be obtained prior to the visit, from Dept of Forest is mandatory. The best time to visit Kuruvadeep is from mid December to late April. Kuruvadweep is usually closed to the public from May last to early December, due to the monsoons and retreating monsoons.The torrential rainfall floods the streams and the water level rises dangerously high. The best time to visit Kuruvadeep is from mid December to late April.

Kuruva Islands is 17 km east of Mananthavady and 10 km north west of Pulpally, nearby towns in Wayanad District. More details can be sought in district office of Department of Tourism, Wayanad in Kalpetta.



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