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Kuruwita is located in Sri Lanka
Coordinates: 6°49′18″N 80°21′41″E / 6.8218°N 80.3615°E / 6.8218; 80.3615
CountrySri Lanka
ProvinceSabaragamuwa Province
DistrictRatnapura District
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (Sri Lanka Standard Time)
Sri Lanka Post

Kuruwita is a town in the Ratnapura District of Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka. It is 87 km from Colombo. It used to be served by the 2 ft 6 in (762 mm) narrow gauge Sabaragamuwa Railway, a branch of the national railway system. And known for the nearby waterfall called Bopath Ella.

Tourist attractions[edit]

Bopath Ella
  • Delgamu Vihara - This temple is reputed as the hiding place of the Tooth relic of Buddha during the ruling period of Portuguese in the country.
  • Batatotalena Cave - Batatotalena Cave is a cave temple, believed to be the place Buddha rested while visiting Sri Pada (Adam's Peak), as discussed in the Mahavamsa as one of the nine places Buddha had visited during his third visit to the Sri Lanka. Its view of Samanala Kanda (mountain of Sri Pada) and its size (able to shelter over 500 people) led to its widely accepted identification as the Diva Guhava of the Mahavamsa. It is located about 5 km off from Kuruwita town (10 km towards to Colombo from Ratnapura) on Erathna road, one of the ancient road to Sri Pada.
  • Bopath Ella - Situated at Kuruvita, few miles away from Colombo Ratnapura high level road. The fall is like a boo leaf that gives it name.

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Coordinates: 06°46′N 80°22′E / 6.767°N 80.367°E / 6.767; 80.367