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Gender Masculine
Language(s) Turkish
Language(s) Turkish
Word/name kut
Derivation 1. "kut"
2. "almış"
Meaning 1. "life force", "happiness"
2. "[he/she] received", "[he/she] took"
Other names
Anglicisation(s) Qutulmush, Kutalmysh, Kutalmish
See also Kutlu, Kutluğ, Aykut, Orkut

Kutalmış is a very rare masculine Turkish given name. "Kutalmış" is composed of two words: "kut" and "almış". In Turkish, "Kut" means "life force", and/or "happiness" whereas "almış" means literally "(he/she) received", and/or "(he/she) took". Thus, "Kutalmış" means "who received happines (divine)", ""who received life force (from god)". In Turkish mythology, "Kut" also means "divine authority or power that a person (kağan) has received (blessed) from god". In this interpretation, "Kutalmış" means, "The ruler who is blessed and authorized by god to be the ruler".

Given name[edit]