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Kutjevo is located in Croatia
Location of Kutjevo in Croatia

Kutjevo is a town in Slavonia, Croatia, located northeast of Požega. In the census of 2011, there were 6,247 people, 2,440 in the town itself.[1] In the same census, 95% of the population declared themselves Croats.[2]

The settlements included in the administrative area of Kutjevo include:[1]


Kutjevo Abbey was built by the Jesuits in the 18th century

This famous wine-growing district at the foot of mount Krndija is distinguished by its valuable monuments - the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary with the former monastery, the Kutjevo Abbey.

There is a beautiful park, protected as a horticultural monument.[3]

The famous Kutjevo wine cellar holds a wine collection. It was built by the Cistercians in 1232 and parts of it have been preserved in their original form.[4]

A beautiful manor house, connected with the cellars by an underground corridor, is near the cellar complex.

Kutjevo is famous for its wines, and the local agricultural joint stock company Kutjevo d.d.[5] is the largest exporter of wines in Croatia.[6] There are many famous winegrowers residing in Kutjevo, like Enjingi and Krauthaker.[7][8]

The tradition of breeding pure-blood horses, in particular the Lipizzaners, dates back to the 19th century.[4] Horse races are held every year.


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