Kutlu Adalı

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Kutlu Adalı
Born 1935
Nicosia, Cyprus
Died July 6, 1996(1996-07-06) (aged 60–61)
Nicosia, Cyprus
Nationality Cypriot
Occupation Author, Journalist

Kutlu Adalı (1935 in Nicosia – July 6, 1996), was a Turkish Cypriot journalist, poet and socio-political researcher, and peace advocate.

His family emigrated to Antalya, Turkey when he was three years old. After completing his secondary education, he returned in 1954 taking up employment at Cyprus Turkish Communal Chamber.

Before his retirement, he was the head of the Department of Population and Birth Registration in the recently declared Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.

In the years leading to his assassination, Kutlu Adali was a well-respected journalist working for the left-wing Yeni Düzen newspaper in Nicosia, writing daily in his regular column From Blue Cyprus. While his early works, including his books and periodicals, were nationalistic in content, his latter contributions were critical of the then right-wing establishment prevalent in the north of his home island.

On July 6, 1996, he was fatally machine-gunned, outside his home. To this day, the perpetrators of this crime are yet to be brought to justice. Some sources state the Grey Wolves are responsible for his death,[1][2] however another source states the Turkish Revenge Brigade is responsible.[3]


  • Köy Raporları (Village Reports), 1961, 1962, 1963 (Turkish)
  • Dağarcık (Shepherd's Bag), 1963, (travelogue) (Turkish)
  • Söyleşi (Interview), 1968, (Turkish)
  • Çirkin Politikacı (The Ugly Politician), Pof, 1969 (satire) (Turkish)
  • Hayvanistan (Animalistan), 1969 (satire) (Turkish)
  • Sancılı Toplum (Society with Birth Pains), 1969 (Turkish)
  • Köprü (The Bridge), 1969, (play) (Turkish)
  • Şago, 1970, (play) (Turkish)
  • Nasrettin Hoca ve Kıbrıs (Naseruddin Hodja and Cyprus), 1971 (Turkish)


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