Kutsal Damacana

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Kutsal Damacana
Theatrical poster
Directed by Kamil Aydın
Produced by Şenol Zencir
Written by Ahmet Yılmaz
Music by Ercan Saatçi
Zero Film
Distributed by Özen Film
Release date
  • September 18, 2004 (2004-09-18)
Running time
105 minutes
Country Turkey
Language Turkish
Box office US$4,866,495

Kutsal Damacana is a 2007 Turkish comedy film, directed by Kamil Aydın, starring Şafak Sezer as a man who disguises himself as a priest to help remove a spell. The film, which went on nationwide general release across Turkey on December 21, 2007 (2007-12-21), was one of the highest-grossing Turkish films of 2007 and was followed by the sequels Kutsal Damacana 2: İtmen (2010) and Kutsal Damacana: Dracoola (2011).


The film was shot on location in Istanbul, Turkey.[1]


Former sailor Fikret is having trouble settling into his new life in Istanbul and has begun to make use the local church’s facilities. When the priest Artin goes on a trip to Vatican, Fikret starts selling off the church’s cellar of expensive wines and stays in priest’s room at night. Fikret spends most of his remaining time gambling on horse races and lecturing Asim, a naïve young boy working at the car wash located next door to the church who perceives him as a surrogate as a father figure. Fikret and Asim learn of a rich widowed businesswoman, Deniz, who thinks that her sister, Selen, has had a spell put upon her and is prepared to pay anything to have it lifted. Fikret decides to go to Deniz's house disguised as a priest but gets more than he bargained for.


The film opened on general release in 156 screens across Turkey on December 21, 2007 (2007-12-21) at number three in the Turkish box office chart with an opening weekend gross of US$1,037,596.[2]


The film was one of the highest grossing Turkish films of 2007 with a total gross of US$3,721,075.[2]


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