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VCD cover
Directed by Joshi
Produced by K.V.Abraham(Thomsun Babu) for Thomsun Films
Written by A. K. Lohithadas
Starring Mammootty
Music by Raveendran
S.P. Venkatesh
Cinematography Jayanan Vincent
Edited by Sankunny
Thomsun Films
Distributed by Thomsun Release
Running time
133 minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam

Kuttettan is a 1990 Malayalam romantic comedy film directed by Joshy[1][2] and written by A. K. Lohithadas.[3] The film stars Mammootty, Saritha, Urvashi, Lizy, Maathu, Sukumari, Jagadish, Murali, and Jagannatha Varma.


Vishnu (Mammootty)is a rich business man, happily married to innocent Seetha (Saritha). Vishnu is a flirt and always interested in having affairs with multiple partners. However most of his plans did always become unsuccessful. He pretends to love Ragini(Shyama) and assures her to marry her. But his intentions are different. He starts having affair with a young and beautiful Revathi (Lizy Priyadarshan). He also gets infatuated by the newly appointed steno Rose Mary (Urvashi) at his office. But every time, he fails to reach his target. He is so lascivious and a womanizer who even gets attracted to a teenage girl (Suma Jayaram). The situation gets worsened after he joins team with Thomas Chacko (Thilakan) and Murali. Murali introduces Vishnu to a new girl Indhu (Maathu) who is an orphan. Indu is childlike and innocent and she blindly believes Murali. She went off with Vishnu to his house. Vishnu, eagerly waiting for a sexual intercourse, gets distracted and disappointed by Indhu's genuine nature. The Climax is reached when Vishnu's mother (Sukumari), Malathi and her father arrive at Vishnu's bungalow. Vishnu manages to make his family believe that Indhu is his illegitimate daughter. But he had to face the dangerous consequences that awaited him. Vishnu's family accepted Indhu as his daughter and took her to the ancestral home. Vishnu is completely bewildered and disappointed as he needs to return Indhu to Murali. Vishnu changes his mind and determines not to give Indhu back to them. The rest of the story deals with the complex situations.

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