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Kuttram 23
Kuttram 23.jpg
Tamilகுற்றம் 23
Directed byArivazhagan Venkatachalam
Produced byInder Kumar
Screenplay byArivazhagan Venkatachalam
Based onKuttram 23 by Rajesh Kumar
StarringArun Vijay
Mahima Nambiar
Music byVishal Chandrasekhar
CinematographyBhaskaran K. M.
Edited byBhuvan Srinivasan
Redhand The Cinema People
Distributed byAcross Films
Release date
  • March 3, 2017 (2017-03-03)
Running time
134 minutes

Kuttram 23 (English: Crime 23) is a 2017 Indian Tamil crime thriller film written and directed by Arivazhagan. The film stars Arun Vijay and Mahima Nambiar in the lead roles, with Vamsi Krishna, Aravind Akash and Thambi Ramaiah amongst others in supporting roles. Produced by Inder Kumar along with Arun Vijay, the soundtrack album and background score for the film is composed by Vishal Chandrasekhar. The film was released worldwide on 3 March 2017 and was a profitable venture at the box office.[1][2]

The film was later dubbed into Hindi as Khatarnak Policewala. The film is dubbed in Telugu as CRIME 23 and going to hit screens on 31 August 2018.


The movie opens with Jessica (Misha Ghoshal) confessing her sins to a priest at a church. The priest is then murdered while Jessica is abducted.

In the city, ACP Vetrimaaran (Arun Vijay) is celebrating his brother Aravind (Amit Bhargav) and sister-in-law Abhinaya's (Abhinaya) wedding anniversary. Everyone in the family is happy except for Vetri's mother, who berates Abhinaya for not bearing her a grandchild. After undergoing treatment by a famous fertility specialist Dr. Tulsi (Kalyani Natarajan), Abhinaya finally becomes pregnant. While the rest of his family is in a celebratory mode, Vetri notices Abhinaya being moody most of the time.

Vetri is put in charge of Jessica's case, assisted by Thirupathi (Thambi Ramaiah). He suspects that there is a connection between the priest's murder and Jessica's disappearance. They visit Thendral (Mahima Nambiar), a teacher at the local preschool. Her family moves into the apartment opposite Vetri's home. Thendral reveals she saw two cars outside the church; one belonging to Jessica and a minivan driven by a group of young men. Vetri and Thendral start dating and fall in love. Jessica's body is found at a landfill site, and it is revealed that she was pregnant at the time of her murder. Her husband, the director of a leading TV channel, claims that they have only recently tried to conceive.

Vetri's investigation soon leads them to a petrol station close to the church where the security cameras captured the men in the black minivan. When Vetri goes home later, he finds Abhinaya dead. The police concludes that she committed suicide. At her funeral, Abhinaya's mother reveals she had asked her father for five million rupees a few days before. Thendral reveals that one of her doctor friends treated Aravind and Abhinaya and that Aravind is infertile, leading Thendral to theorize that Abhinaya might have been unfaithful. Vetri realizes that Abhinaya's body contained traces of clomiphene, similar to Jessica's body. He learns that there is a third woman who matches this pattern. Realizing that Aravind might be hiding something, Vetri confronts him, who confesses that he and his wife had opted for an artificial insemination using his sperm. Vetri visits Tulsi at her hospital and realizes she is hiding something. He requests for all files on patients who underwent artificial insemination at the hospital. He notices Kousalya (Neelima Rani), a famous TV artist, getting treated successfully in the hospital. Vetri realizes that the documents on artificial insemination patients had a watermark with the number 23 on them.

Vetri visits Kousalya and her husband to question them on whether they have been blackmailed recently. Although the couple denies everything, Vetri asks his team to tap their phones, especially income calls. Kousalya receives a call instructing her to pay a huge sum of money in exchange for not revealing information that might destroy her career. Vetri and his team shadow the couple. Kousalya and her husband are seen withdrawing money from a bank and driving through a busy street. A man covering his face enters their car and takes the money. Vetri's men had placed a tracker on the bag containing the money. Vetri tracks the man to his apartment and manages to overpower him to interrogate him. The man reveals that he is Gaurav (Aravind Akash) and is part of a gang that has been blackmailing women in the city who have undergone artificial insemination at Tulsi's hospital. One of their first victims was Jessica, an ardent cricket fan who hired Gaurav's gang to get hold of her favourite cricket player's sperm in order to conceive his child. However, she felt guilty and confesses to a priest. To avoid being caught, Gaurav killed her and the priest. Next was the politician's daughter-in-law who slit her wrists at her baby shower. Her husband was infertile, and her father-in-law arranged for her to be inseminated with his own sperm. Finally, there was Abhinaya, who learned from Gaurav's partner John (Vamsi Krishna) that Tulsi inseminated her with someone else's sperm. John blackmails Abhinaya for the 50 lakh rupees, or else he will expose the truth and bring shame upon her family. Abhinaya goes back to Tulsi to get an abortion. When Gaurav's gang learns about this, they went to Vetri's house on the same day that Thendral saw them. Gaurav's gang killed Abhinaya. Once Gaurav was done confessing, Vetri kills him.

As Vetri and his men head over to the hospital to arrest Tulsi, he suddenly remembers how a few years ago, a man named John reported his wife had gone missing. John was upset that his wife did not want to bear his children and wanted an artificial insemination with a much more superior male. A few days later, she was found dead. Since then, John had gone missing. Vetri had one of his men look into John's disappearance. Meanwhile, John is shown to be working as a lab assistant at Tulsi's sperm bank. He was the one who has been manipulating the donor's records and passing on the information to Gaurav. When Tulsi and her husband threaten to have him exposed, he kills them and leaves. On his way out, he bumps into Vetri. Vetri gets a call from John, who has abducted Thendral. He manages to track John down and save Thendral. However, John beats up Vetri and reveals that he arranged for Abhinaya to be inseminated with his own sperm. When he learned she was planning an abortion, he had Gaurav kill her. Vetri then kills John. The film ends with Vetri and Thendral discussing about the misuse of medical advancements in people and the importance of adopting orphans.



In January 2016, Arun Vijay and director Arivazhagan announced that they would collaborate to work on a "high-octane action thriller" with a medical backdrop, which would begin in the following months.[3][4] The script was developed in early 2016, with the story being inspired by a novel by writer Rajesh Kumar, which in turn was based on real events. Arivazhagan developed Rajesh Kumar's novel into a screenplay within fifteen days of gaining approval from the writer to use the story.[5][6] A formal launch event was held in March 2016, with Arun Vijay announced that the venture will be produced by his friend, Inder Kumar, under Redhan The Cinema People banner. Due to Arivazhagan's regular collaborator S. Thaman was busy with other commitments and unable to collaborate with him again at that time, Vishal Chandrasekhar was instead signed as the music composer.[7][8][9] During April 2016, the team shot scenes in the dumpyard of Pallikaranai with Arun Vijay reportedly working for thirty six hours at a single stretch. Following the completion of the schedule, thirty percent of the film was revealed to be over.[10][11] Actress Mahima Nambiar joined the cast to play the lead female role, while Vamsi Krishna and Amit Bhargav were selected for further supporting roles.[12][13] The shoot continued throughout mid-2016, with the team filming climax scenes during nighttime in the Padur region of Chennai.[14][15] The team finished further sequences in July 2016, while taking a day off to give technicians the opportunity to watch the Rajinikanth-starrer Kabali (2016) on the day of release.[16] The shoot finished thereafter, taking 45 days from start to finish and costing 3.5 crore rupees, and a theatrical trailer was released during September 2016.[17][18][19]


Kuttram 23
Soundtrack album by
Released1 September 2016 (2016-September-01)
GenreFeature film soundtrack
LabelSony Music India
Vishal Chandrasekhar chronology
Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha
Kuttram 23
Sangili Bungili Kadhava Thorae

The music and film score was composed by Vishal Chandrasekhar, working with director Arivazhagan for the first time. While the audio rights were bagged by Sony Music India, the audio launch of Kuttram 23 was held on 1 September 2016 at Satyam Cinemas in Chennai, with the event being attended by several film personalities from the Tamil film industry.[20]

Track listing
1."Pori Vaithu"VivekaVijay Prakash, Shweta Mohan4:29
2."Mugam Theriyaa"VivekaRanjith4:03
3."Thoduvaanam"VivekaSinduri Vishal2:25
4."K23 Theme"3:07
5."Pori Vaithu (Karaoke)"4:31


The producers initially announced a release date of 14 January 2017 but later opted out as they failed to get as many screens as they had desired, owing to the proposed release of several films including Bairavaa (2017).[21] Prior to the official release, a premiere was held for media personalities and the film drew positive reviews.[22] Kuttram 23 was subsequently released on 3 March 2017 and won critical acclaim.[23] The Hindustan Times noted, "it is brilliantly scripted and directed – and of course ably acted out by especially Vijay".[24] The Deccan Chronicle noted it was "a welcomed relief from the recent drab of Kollywood", while The New Indian Express stated it had a "coherent screenplay which could have been better".[25] Sify.com's reviewer wrote the film was "a good example of an entertaining cop thriller" adding "this sharply written slick investigative thriller, comes as a huge relief at a time where Tamil audiences are bombarded with several middling movies of big stars" and that "the film is also a perfect case study on how good writing and a technically sound team can offer quality entertainment, which is a rarity in Kollywood".[26] Likewise, Sreedhar Pillai of FirstPost wrote "Kuttram 23 has a compelling story and is packaged in an entertaining format by Arivazhagan" and that "it is one of the better movies in recent times".[27] Following the release of the film, several Tamil film personalities including Rajinikanth and Shankar publicly appreciated the film.[28][29]

The film gained more screens following positive reviews, and it subsequently went on to become Arun Vijay's most profitable film till date.[30][31]


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