Kutuzovsky Prospekt

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Kutuzovsky Avenue
Кутузовский проспект
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Clockwise from top: Radisson Royal Hotel, Victory Park, Oceania Shopping Center, Triumphal Arch
Length 8.3 km (5.2 mi)
Location Moscow
Western Administrative Okrug
Dorogomilovo District
Fili-Davydkovo District
Nearest metro station  4  Kutuzovskaya
 14  Kutuzovskaya
 3   8A  Park Pobedy
 3  Slavyansky Bulvar
Coordinates 55°44′08″N 37°30′47″E / 55.73556°N 37.51306°E / 55.73556; 37.51306

Kutuzovsky Prospekt (Russian: Куту́зовский проспе́кт) is a major radial avenue in Moscow, Russia, named after Mikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov, leader of Russian field army during the French invasion of Russia. The prospekt continues a westward path of Vozdvizhenka Street and New Arbat Street from Novoarbatsky Bridge over Moskva River to the junction with Rublyovskoye Shosse; past this point, the route changes its name to Mozhaiskoye Shosse.


Present-day Kutuzovsky Prospekt emerged in 1957–1963, incorporating part of old Mozhaiskoye Schosse (buildings no. 19 to 45) that was rebuilt in grand stalinist style in the late 1930s on site of former Dorogomilovo Cemetery, and the lowrise neighborhoods of Kutuzovskaya Sloboda Street and Novodorogomilovskaya Street that were razed in the 1950s. Initially, Kutuzovsky prospekt extended east to the Garden Ring, however, in the year 1963, in the beginning of New Arbat re-development, the segment between Garden Ring and Novoarbatsky Bridge was assigned to New Arbat (then known as Prospekt Kalinina).

Eastern part of the Prospekt (within Dorogomilovo District), developed in 1938–1963, has been traditionally an expensive, high quality residential area and hosted social elite, including Leonid Brezhnev's family. The segment west of the Poklonnaya Hill is less affluent, with standardized 1950s–1980s housing; one notable exception is the luxury Edelweiss apartment tower built in the 2000s.

Notable buildings[edit]

Notable buildings and institutions include:

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  • Dorogomilovo District contains the eastern, affluent segment of Kutuzovsky Prospekt
  • Kutuzovsky Prospekt is a glossy "lifestyle" magazine [1]

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Coordinates: 55°44′08″N 37°30′47″E / 55.73556°N 37.51306°E / 55.73556; 37.51306