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Kazakh quwyrdaq.jpg
Kuurdak being prepared
Place of origin Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan
Region or state Central Asia
Main ingredients mutton, onion, vegetable oil or animal fat
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Kuurdak (Kyrgyz: куурдак, Kazakh: қуырдақ, Turkmen: gowurdak; Говурдак, Uyghur: قورداق, қордақ‎, ULY: qordaq, Uzbek: qovurdoq), transliterated with various spellings, is a traditional meat dish made in Central Asia, especially among the Kyrgyz. The name comes from a nominalisation of the word "roast", "fried", referring to how the food is made. It is described as "stewed brown meat".[1]

Kuurdak is one of the main and oldest dishes in Kyrgyz cuisine. Kuurdak is usually made from mutton, fat and onion, it can be made using beef or any other kind of meat except pork. In Kazakh cuisine kuurdak is made from sheep's liver, kidney, heart and lungs.

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