Kuwait 25th Commando Brigade

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Kuwait 25th Commando Brigade
Active 1960; 55 years ago (1960)


Branch Military of Kuwait
Type Special operations force
Role Primary Tasks:
• Direct Action
• Special reconnaissance
• Counter- terrorism
• Foreign internal defense
• Unconventional Warfare
Other Roles:
• Hostage rescue
• Personnel recovery
• Humanitarian missions
• Information operations
Size unknown
Part of Kuwait Armed Forces
Garrison/HQ Desert of Kuwait
Nickname(s) His Highness Commando

لله والوطن والامير

God, Country & The Emir
Colors Green & Red
Anniversaries National and Liberation Day (25 and 26 February)
Decorations Arab and non-Arab Military awards and decorations

The Kuwait 25th Commando Brigade, commonly known as the green berets of 25th commando, is one of Kuwait's principal commando and tier one military unit. The 25th Commando operates at the disposition of its own commander who reports to the Chief of the General Staff of the Kuwait Armed Forces; executing, participating, supporting, carrying all conflicts in which the Military of Kuwait engaged since its inception in 1960.[1] The 25th commando executes special operations in support of general operations of the Military of Kuwait.[1]


The 25th Commando Brigade was founded in 1960 by Brigadier General Mubarak Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah (b.1934-d.1987) and his deputy Colonel Sheikh Saleh Mohammed Al-Sabah.[1] An initial selection pool of 33 Green Berets Specialists were selected to form the 1st Special Force Platoon; which was considered the initial forming of the 25th Commando Brigade.[1]

Development and Establishment[edit]

The 1st Special Forces Platoon of the 25th commando was established in 1960.[1] Following the initial establishment came the forming of 1st Company of Special Forces in 1961. in 1962, the 1st Special Forces Unit was formed and operated from the Kuwait 15th Mubarak Armored Brigade.[1] During that time, the 1st Special Force Unit operated extensively and trained continuously in the deserts of Kuwait. As the enlistments of initial Green Berets increased; their administrative requirements complemented the need. As a result, an administrative bureau was in need and due to the unavailability and incapacity of building infrastructures in the remote desert areas of operations; the bureau initially temporarily operated out of the Jahra Police Directorate.[1]

Shorlty after, the Green Berets of the 1st Special Forces Unit were called to operate out of the Kuwait 6th Mechanized Brigade in 1965; known later as the Kuwait 6th Liberation Mechanized Brigade following the liberation of Kuwait during the Gulf War. The 1st Special Forces Unit was moved to a military base in Mitlaa'a area and the 1st Special Forces Battalion was officially formed. Following in 1966, the forming of 2nd Special Forces Battalion followed.[1]

In 1970, both Green Berets Battalions were united and were stationed in the Kuwait 6th Liberation Mechanized Brigade.[1] During the same year, an executive military organization order dated 31/01/1971 was issued and changed the names of the 1st Special Forces Battalion to 39th Commando Battalion of Green Berets; similarly, the 2nd Special Forces Battalion to the 43rd Commando Battalion of Green Berets.[1]

In 1972, another Executive Military Organization Order was issued; requesting the transformation of the 39th and 43rd Commando Battalion to Infantry Battalions.[1]

In 1973, the Commando Unit was formed and stationed to their current desert location where they were designated as Commando Forces. In 1975, Commando Forces established an official Commando qualified training ground. In 1987, the Commando Forces were redesignated and renamed to the 11th Commando Battalion. Following in 1994, the Green Berets of the 11th Commando Battalion were officially known as Commando Special Forces.[1]

In 1975 and with the breaking of the Lebanese Civil War; units of the Kuwait 25th Commando Brigade were sent to Lebanon to protect mainly the Kuwaiti Embassy in Beirut.[1][2] During that time, the Kuwaiti Commando Brigade contributed extensive efforts in maintaining stability and supporting the peace efforts along with backing the general operations of the Lebanese Armed Forces.[1] During the war, the Kuwait 25th Commando Brigade also played a vital and pivotal role supporting the general humanitarian operations and the Multinational Force in Lebanon which included Her Majesty's 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards, American contingents of United States Marine Corps and the United States Navy SEALs, French and Foreign paratroopers regiments, companies, units of the 11th Parachute Brigade along with the 1st Foreign Regiment, the 2nd Foreign Infantry Regiment, the 2nd Foreign Parachute Regiment, the 1st Foreign Cavalry Regiment of the French Foreign Legion; the same regiments, companies and units which would later contribute and participate to the Liberation of Kuwait during the Gulf War along with the 6th Foreign Engineer Regiment in 1990 following the Invasion of Kuwait.[3]During the Gulf War, DINOPS operated in support of the U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne Division, and provided the EOD services to the division. After the cease fire took hold they conducted a joint mine clearing operation along side an Royal Australian Navy Clearance Diver Team Unit.

In parallel application with the 25th Commando Brigade, Kuwait played a pivotal role in bringing the Lebanese Civil War to a halt (1975-1990).[4] Such a determining mission was led by His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah; then Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait; who lobbied and work relentlessly to safeguard the integrity of Lebanon coming under unjustifiable foreign influences and interferences.[4]

In 2000, the former Deputy Prime Ministers of Kuwait and Minister of Defense Sheikh Salem Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah signed on the recommended organization of the 25th Commando Battalion.[1] In the following years, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah officially designated the Kuwait 25th Commando Battalion as Kuwait's official Green beret regiment.[1]

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