Kuwait Connection

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Kuwait Connection
Kuwait Connection DVD.jpg
DVD cover for Kuwait Connection (Sabbah Media Corporation, 2002).
Directed by Samir A. Khouri
Produced by Arab Film Distribution
Written by Samir A. Khouri
Starring Ezzat El Alaili
Music by Patrick Samson
Release date
  • 1973 (1973)
Running time
91 minutes
Country Lebanon
Language Arabic

Kuwait Connection (Arabic: ذئاب لا تاكل اللحمDhiʼāb lā taʼakulu al-laḥm) is a 1973 Lebanese action film directed by Lebanese director Samir A. Khouri and featuring a predominantly Egyptian main cast with Lebanese and Kuwaiti actors. The film was released on DVD by Sabbah Media Corporation in 2002.[1]


Hired assassin Anwar (Ezzat El Alaili) runs from the police and, wounded, takes refuge in rich libertine Walid's (Mohsen Sarhan) mansion outside Kuwait City. As Anwar narrates his story to Walid's wife Soraya (Nahed Sherif), it is revealed that he was an idealist reporter who became disillusioned with humanity after atrocities he witnessed (starting with Deir Yassin) and was drawn to the criminal world.


  • Ezzat El Alaili: Anwar
  • Mohsen Sarhan: Walid
  • Nahed Sherif: Soraya
  • Liz Sarkisian: Nihad, Walid's daughter
  • Silvana Badrkhan: Linda, Anwar's partner
  • Mohammed Al-Mansour: Nihad's lover


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