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State of Kuwait
Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR)
معهد الكويت للأبحاث العلمية
Agency overview
Headquarters Kuwait Kuwait
Agency executive
  • Naji Mohamed Al-Mutairi, Director General
Website http://www.kisr.edu.kw

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) is an organization in Kuwait which engages in scientific and applied research for several purposes, including preserving the environment, serving the economy, advising the government of scientific issues, and others.


KISR was established in 1967 by the Arabian Oil Company.[1] The institute was founded to carry out applied research in petroleum, arid-zone agriculture and marine biology. In 1973, an amiri decree was made by Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to organize KISR under the responsibility of the Council of Ministers. The objectives of KISR were also reorganized. Another amiri decree was made in 1981 to establish KISR as an independent public institution although it was launched as a semi-official entity.[1]

Main Research Programs[edit]

  • Environment & Life Sciences Research Center

Environmental Management; Coastal Management and Atmospheric Pollution; Urban Infrastructure Development; Advanced Systems; Arid land Agriculture and Greenery; Aquaculture, Fisheries, and Marine Environment; Biotechnology

  • Energy and Building Research Center

Renewable Energy

  • Petroleum Research Center

Petroleum Production; Petrochemical Processes; Petroleum Refining

  • Water Research Center

Hydrology; Water Management; Desalination; Wastewater

  • Techno Economics Division

Economic Studies; Quantitative Methods and Modelling

  • Systems and Software Development Department

Software Development Section(SDS), Technology and Applications for Special Needs Section(TASNS), and Geographic Information system Section (GIS)

Petroleum Research and Studies Center (PRSC)[edit]


The Petroleum Research and Studies Center (PRSC) of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) was established in 2000. The Center was originally a division of KISR under the name “Division of Petroleum, Petrochemicals and Materials”. The Petroleum Division had been providing services and research studies for Kuwait and the regional petroleum industry for over 25 years. The Division was established in 1967 with the main aim of conducting research and providing consultancy and technical support to the local industry.

The main goal of PRSC is to become an R&D arm for the petroleum industry in the State of Kuwait. PRSC provides applied research projects and technical services for the Petroleum Industry. PRSC also works to acquire new technologies for the oil industry in order to enhance the overall development in Kuwait. The Center is a source of information and provides technical on-job formal training for its research staff as well as oil sector staff. The PRSC is staffed with highly skilled and experienced personnel in a wide spectrum of technical fields related to oil production, petroleum refining, corrosion and petrochemicals.

The PRSC focuses its research work and technical studies on:

  • Petroleum Production
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Polymer and Petrochemicals
  • Corrosion and Materials Science
  • Health, Safety & Environment

PRSC is located in the city of Ahmadi with sixteen research facilities and two large halls for pilot plants. The PRSC has also managed KOC’s Central Core Store Laboratories since 1997. In addition, PRSC manages several field and mobile laboratories.

Human Resources Development

The Strategic Goal

To continue to engage in activities aimed at developing skills and expertise of its manpower base (research, support and administrative) and expand this role for wider participation in general public training and academic qualification

The Focus Areas

  • Scholarship and training.
  • Joint Higher Degrees.
  • Career Development.
  • Staff productivity.
  • Morale and loyalty.


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