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Kuwait Metropolitan Rapid Transit (“KMRT”) System Project (“Kuwait Metro” or the “Project”) is a greenfield metro project which will provide an integrated rapid transit network that will increase public transport mobility to the Metropolitan Area of Kuwait, the total length of the network about 160 km, and the establishment of Kuwait Metro is expected to be according to the latest standards in this field to enhance the quality, safety, effectiveness and coverage of public transport in the State of Kuwait The project will be an important element in the general policy of the State of Kuwait efforts to diversify the Kuwaiti economy and reduce dependence on the oil and gas and it's the appropriate project for the future vision of transport. The Kuwait Metropolitan Rapid Transit System Project is developing a metro network in Kuwait.[1]


Four lines will be built[2] in five phases, to total 160 km with 69 stations.[3]

  • Line 1: 23.7 km, 19 stations, +57.3 km extension[2]
  • Line 2: 21 km, 27 stations, +16.4 km extension[2]
  • Line 3: 24 km, 15 stations[2]
  • Line 4: 22.7 km, 17 stations[2]


The government Partnerships Technical Bureau was to begin procurement in 2012, using PPP contracts.[3] However, tendering is now scheduled for 2016, with line 1 scheduled to begin operations in 2020.

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