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Cinescape - Kuwait National Cinema Company (KNCC), formerly known as Kuwait Cinema Company, was incorporated in 1954 with a capital of 7 million rupees, a few years before the Kuwaiti dinar currency was introduced. Commencing in 1996, KNCC used up scale shopping centers as prime locations for multi-screen theaters and initiated a plan to renovate older theaters in an effort to enhance its corporate image. In November 2003, KNCC had introduced its E-Ticketing service, the first of its kind in the Middle East. With E-Ticketing, customers are able to buy tickets online using debit and credit cards. In 2005, the company has added M-NET to its family of enabled payment methods. Customers can now pay for their tickets using their mobiles. With this, Kuwait became the second country in the world (after Austria) to enable mobile payments in theaters.

Branding KNCC to Cinescape[edit]

Enterprise IG was commissioned by Kuwait National Cinemas to transform the company, previously linked to the government, into a brand that reflected the significant changes made by the Cinema Company since its privatisation. The challenge was to create something compelling and energetic that connected with the youth of Kuwait who are very demanding in their consumer choices. Enterprise IG incorporated the concepts of light, energy and movement into the brand's design strategy, which creates a vibrant image that will be felt throughout the new Cinescape experience - from the drink and popcorn containers, to uniforms, signage, theatre magazine and digital branding.


Cinescape has 11 locations with 56 screens using Digital Cinema Technology and have 3D capabilities. It owns the second IMAX theatre the first one is in The Scientific Center, which is located at Cinescape 360.[1] All of the theaters are located inside various malls except for one location which is a stand alone cinema. The capacity level is around 10,000 seats across all locations. There are also four VIP screens with two in Cinescape the Avenues and two in Cinescape 360.


Cinescape plays a major role in distribution of major independent films in the Middle East through its associates, Front Row Filmed Entertainment. In 2005, The Kuwait National Cinema Company joined alliance with Front Row Filmed Entertainment distributing major independent films from studios like New Line Cinema, Paramount Vantage, Exclusive Media Group HanWay Films, Lakeshore Entertainment, Studio Canal, TF1 International, Celluloid Dreams, Peace Arch Films, Wild Bunch, Studio Ghibli, National Lampoon's and many more. Since then, more than 600 titles have been distributed across the Middle-East region. In addition to the Independent titles, it is a distributor of Arabic language films in the Gulf Region. It also distributes films from Bollywood, and foreign language titles to the Gulf Region.


Cinescape theatre names:

  1. Cinescape 360
  2. Cinescape The Avenues
  3. Cinescape Fanar
  4. Cinescape Al kout
  5. Cinescape Ajial
  6. Cinescape Albairaq
  7. Cinescape Marina
  8. Cinescape Sharqiah
  9. Cinescape Muhallab
  10. Cinescape Laila
  11. Cinescape Plaza

Kuwait Stock Exchange[edit]

KNCC has been listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange as a shareholding company with assets valued at more than KD 36 million (US $122 million)


  • Chairman and CEO - Nawaf Ahmed Al Marzouq
  • General manager - Hisham Fahad Al Ghanim


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