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Kuwait Naval Force
KNF Seal.svg
Active1961; 57 years ago (1961)
Country Kuwait
BranchMilitary of Kuwait
SizeApprox. 2,200 personnel
Part ofKuwait Armed Forces
Garrison/HQMohammed Al-Ahmad Kuwait Naval Base
Nickname(s)His Highness Sea Vanguard
Motto(s)لله والوطن والامير God, Country & The Emir
ColorsGreen & Red
AnniversariesNational and Liberation Day (25 and 26 February)
CommanderBrig.general Khaled A Abdulla
Vice CommanderGeneral Idrees Abdullatif
Umm Al Maradim La Combattante-class missile-attack-craft Al Fahaheel (P3721) in May 2013
Kuwait Naval Force Chief Combat Commander Major General Al-Mulla conducts a troop inspection during a full honor welcome ceremony on board the Washington Navy Yard on February 15, 2005

The Kuwait Naval Force (Arabic: القوة البحرية الكويتية), is the sea-based component of the Kuwait Armed Forces. The headquarters and sole naval base is Mohammed Al-Ahmad Kuwait Naval Base. The Kuwait Naval Force consists of over 2,200 officers and enlisted personnel, excluding about 500 coast guard personnel. The Coast Guard, a Border Security Directorate of the Kuwait Ministry of Interior.[1][2]


Kuwait's navy was established in 1961[3] shortly after Britain ended the country's protectorate status following Operation Vantage.

During the Invasion of Kuwait and Operation Desert Storm, Kuwait's navy was almost completely destroyed.[4][5] At the start of the invasion, the Iraqi Navy captured and sank five Kuwaiti Lürssen TNC 45 type fast attack craft (missile) and one Lürssen FPB 57 type fast attack craft (missile).[6] Kuwait Naval Forces also lost 20 other ships to Iraq during the war.[7]

On 11 November 2008, Kuwait Naval Base was the location of the historic signing of the non-legally binding maritime Khawr Abd Allah Protocols otherwise known as the KAA Protocols. The signing of the KAA Protocols by the then respective heads of the Kuwaiti Naval Force and the Iraqi Navy was the first formal and successful maritime bilateral military agreement for the co-ordinated and de-conflicted use of the Khawr Abd Allah waterway since before the 1991 Persian Gulf War. The protocols were developed and mediated by Major David Hammond RM, a British Royal Navy barrister in 2008 and they were subsequently ratified by both the Kuwaiti and Iraqi governments before the 11 November 2008 signing. They were subsequently reported to the US Congress within the December 2008 'Measuring Stability and Security in Iraq' report and the text of which have since become public knowledge following leaks in US diplomatic notes.[8]

Structure and Organization[edit]

  • Kuwait Naval Warships
  • Kuwait Marine Corps
  • Kuwait Commando Marine Units

Part of the present fleet[edit]

List Missile Fast Patrol Boats (MFPB)[edit]

Class Units Note
Isitklal (German FPB-57) 1 410 tons full load – 4 MM-40 SSM – commissioned 1983
Al-Sanbouk (German TNC-45) 1 255 tons full load – 4 MM-40 SSM – commissioned 1984
Umm Al Maradim (Combattante P37-BRL) 8 245 tons full load – 4 Sea Skua SSM – commissioned 1998–2000

List Patrol Fighting Vessels[edit]

Class Units Note
Intisar (Australian OPV-310) 4
Al-Shaheed (FPB 100K) 3
Subahi (FPB 115) 10
Kassir Inshore Patrol Craft 3
Victory Team (P-46) 16
Inshore Patrol Crafts 50
Mark V Special Operations Craft 10

List Amphibious Vessles and Landing Craft[edit]

Class Units Note
Al-Tahaddy LCU 2
Safar (Loadmaster) LCU 1
LCU (ST Marine) 1
Saffar (L 6401) 2 64m Landing craft built by ADSB in UAE
Sabhan (L 4201) 1 42m landing ship built by ADSB in UAE
Sea Keeper 5 16m fast landing craft built by ADSB in UAE
Air-cushioned landing craft 2

List Supply Vessels[edit]

Class Units Note
Sawahil ( Dorrar Support Ship) 1
Nautilus (Swiftship 176) SDV 2

Future ships[edit]

  • 1 DSV (Diving Support Vessel)

Landing craft, the procurement programme for the Kuwait Navy included the acquisition of two 64 m landing craft, one 42 m landing craft and five 16 m composite landing craft; all will be built at ADSB’s facilities in the Mussafah industrial area(UAE) all delivered except one 64 m landing craft to be delivered in 2017[9]

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