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Kuwait held a national election on June 29, 2006. The voters selected the 50 members of the country's National Assembly. Universal suffrage was in force again, and all Kuwaiti citizens at least 21 years of age were allowed to participate except for members of the armed forces. It is estimated that there are around 340,000 people eligible to vote in Kuwait. Although 54% of the eligible voters in Kuwait are women, in the final poll, only 35% of the total voters were women.[1]

Electoral fraud[edit]

Further information: Electoral fraud

From the years 1980 until June 29, 2006, all of Kuwait's parliamentary election results were manipulated by electoral gerrymandering, which is a form of electoral fraud.[2] In late July 2006, a new law for electoral reforms was approved which prevented electoral gerrymandering by cutting the number of voting constituencies from 25 to 5.[2]


e • d Summary of the 29 June 2006 National Assembly of Kuwait election results
National Democratic Alliance (liberals) & Popular Action Bloc (nationalists) 18
Sunni Islamists 16
Independents 16
Total (turnout 66.4%) 50
Source: Rulers


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