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The Kuyani are an indigenous Australian people of the state of South Australia who speak or spoke the Kuyani language.


According to the estimation made by Norman Tindale, the Kuyani held sway over some 13,200 square miles (34,000 km2) of tribal land, extending northwards from Parachilna to the western flank of the Flinders Ranges at Marree. Their northeastern boundary was at Murnpeowie. They also occupied the area to the north of, but not including, Lake Torrens. Their western frontier lay at Turret Range and Andamooka.[1]

The Kuyani around Beltana and Leigh Creek were known as the Adjnjakujani from a word, adjna meaning "hill," while those near Lake Torrens were called plainspeople (Wartakujani.)[1]

Alternative names[edit]

  • Kujani, Kuyanni
  • Kwiani, Kwiana
  • Kooyiannie
  • Gujani
  • Owinia
  • Cooyiannie
  • Kooyeeunna, Kooteeunna
  • Nganitjidi. (Barngarla exonym, meaning "those who sneak and kill by night").
  • Ngannityiddi[1]

Some words[edit]

  • wilker. (dog, both tame and wild)
  • papi. (father)
  • comie/knumie. (mother)
  • coodnoo. (whiteman)[2]



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