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Kuybyshev or Kuibyshev may refer to:



Several places in the Soviet Union were named after the Bolshevik revolutionary Valerian Kuybyshev.



  • Kuybışev, former name of Aran, Aghjabadi, a village in the Aghjabadi Rayon
  • Kuybyshev, former name of Ölcələr, a village in Imishli Rayon


  • Kuybyshev, one of the largest cities in the Russian SFSR in the old Soviet Union, restored to its former name of Samara in 1991 and currently the 8th largest city in Russia.
  • Kuybyshev Oblast, name of Samara Oblast in 1936–1990
  • Kuybyshev Urban Settlement, a municipal formation into which the Town of Kuybyshev in Kuybyshevsky District of Novosibirsk Oblast is incorporated
  • Kuybyshev, Russia, several inhabited localities in Russia


  • Kuybyshev, alternative name of Kuybyshevsk, a location in Khatlon Province, Tajikistan

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