Kuzure kami shiho gatame

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Kuzure kami shiho gatame
Illustration of Kuzure kesa gatame
Illustration of Kuzure kesa gatame
Sub classificationOsaekomi-waza
Technique name
EnglishBroken upper four-quarter hold-down

Kuzure-Kami-Shiho-Gatame (崩上四方固) is one of the seven mat holds, Osaekomi-waza, of Kodokan Judo, a variation of Kami shiho gatame. In grappling terms, it is categorized as a north-south hold.

Technique description[edit]

Executing the Kuzure-kami-shiho-gatame is similar to Kami shiho gatame, which involves pinning the opponent's arms to his or her side, typically by grabbing the opponent's belt and using the arms to press the arms of the opponent inwards. The difference between the two is instead of one or both arms of the opponent being pinned to the side, they are controlled for instance by pinning them in between an upper arm and a knee. Thus the 'broken' attribute for which the technique is named.

In The Canon Of Judo, Kyuzo Mifune states that tori should stay on his toes with knees off the mat.


  • Ebi (Shrimp) Kami-Shiho-Gatame Escape
  • Circling Bridge/Roll-over Kami-Shiho-Gatame Escape


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Similar techniques, variants, and aliases[edit]

English aliases:

  • Broken upper four quarter hold down
  • Broken top four corner hold


  • Sankaku gatame(三角固)



  • Mifune, Kyuzo (2004). The Canon Of Judo. Kodansha International Ltd. p. 122. ISBN 4-7700-2979-9.

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