Kuzuryū River

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Kuzuryū River
Mouth of Kuzuryu river 200507.jpg
Mouth of the Kuzuryū River
Native name 九頭竜川
Country Japan
Physical characteristics
Main source Aburasaka Pass Ōno, Fukui
717 m (2,352 ft)
River mouth Sea of Japan
0 m (0 ft)
Length 116 km (72 mi)
  • Average rate:
    86.4 m3/s (3,050 cu ft/s)
Basin features
Basin size 2,930 km2 (1,130 sq mi)
The Kuzuryū River flowing beneath Katsuyama Bridge in Fukui

The Kuzuryū River (九頭竜川, Kuzuryū-gawa) is a river flowing through Fukui Prefecture, Japan. It has its source at the Aburasaka Pass (油坂峠 Aburasaka-tōge) in the city of Ōno and empties into the Sea of Japan near the city of Sakai.

River system[edit]

Some of the main rivers that flow into the Kuzuryū River include: the Itoshiro River, the Hino River, the Asuwa River and the Takeda River

River communities[edit]

The river passes through or forms the boundary of the communities listed below.

Fukui Prefecture
Ōno, Katsuyama, Eiheiji, Fukui, Sakai


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