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Coordinates: 42°31′22.04″N 43°38′22.04″E / 42.5227889°N 43.6394556°E / 42.5227889; 43.6394556

Kvaisa is located in Georgia (country)
Kvaisa in Georgia
Kvaisa is located in South Ossetia
Kvaisa in South Ossetia

Kvaisi or Kvaisa (Georgian: კვაისა, Ossetian: Къуайса, Russian: Квайса) is an urban-type settlement (promoted to the city by the South Ossetian government in 2007[1]) in the Dzau district of South Ossetia, Georgia. According to the official subdivision of Georgia it is in the Oni district of the Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti region of Georgia.

First city major - Chermen Gagiev (Russian: Чермен Гагиев). Now city major - Inal Zaharovich Ostaev (Russian: Инал Захарович Остаев).[2]

Settlement is located on the river Dzhedzhora (which is a tributary of Rioni river) on the slopes if Racha mountain ridge, 60 km north-west of Tskhinvali and 20 km from Oni.

Lead and zinc deposits are located near the city and in the Soviet times an ore mining and processing enterprise and hydroelectric power station worked in the region.

Kvaisa twin city is Tomilino (since 2007).

The town suffered significantly in the 7–8 September 2009 earthquake and around 80 local families remained homeless in late September.[3]


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