Kvaløya, Finnmark

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For other islands in Norway called Kvaløya, see Kvaløya (disambiguation).
Native name: Fálá
Kvaløya is located in Finnmark
Location in Finnmark
Location North Norway, Europe
Coordinates 70°36′N 23°51′E / 70.600°N 23.850°E / 70.600; 23.850Coordinates: 70°36′N 23°51′E / 70.600°N 23.850°E / 70.600; 23.850
Area 336 km2 (130 sq mi)
Highest elevation 629 m (2,064 ft)
Highest point Svartfjellet
County Finnmark
Municipality Kvalsund

Kvaløya is a large island in Finnmark county, Norway. The 336-square-kilometre (130 sq mi) island is divided between the municipalities of Hammerfest and Kvalsund. The town of Hammerfest is located in the western shore of the island. Other villages on the island include Forsøl, Rypefjord, and Stallogargo.

Hammerfest, the largest settlement and only town on Kvaløya

The island is connected to the mainland via Norwegian National Road 94 which crosses the Kvalsund Bridge in the southern part of the island. Most of the settlements on the island are on the western shore along the highway 94. There is a ferry connection between Kvaløya and the island of Seiland to the southwest. The highest point on the mountainous island is the 629-metre (2,064 ft) tall mountain Svartfjellet.[1]

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