Kvalsund ship

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Name: Kvalsund Ship
Launched: 690AD
Notes: Discovered June 1920
General characteristics
Length: 18m

The Kvalsund ship (Norwegian: Kvalsundskipet) is an ancient vessel which was discovered embedded in a marsh on Kvalsund in Herøy, Møre og Romsdal near Ålesund in 1920, along with a smaller rowboat called Kvalsundferingen. It is considered of a much earlier construction than either the Oseberg ship or the Gokstad ship, both of which date to the ninth century. The Kvalsund ship dates to 690AD.

The ship featured a detachable rudder on one side that could be removed in shallow water, and its shape strongly suggests it had a sail - if so, it would be the first Scandinavian ship discovered to have one.[1]


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