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Coat of arms of Kvevlax

Kvevlax (Finnish: Koivulahti), is a church village in the municipality of Korsholm, Finland. It is located approximately 15 kilometres (9 mi) north of the city of Vaasa. Kvevlax became an independent parish in 1857. Until 1 January 1973 it was an independent municipality. Kvevlax has a lower grade primary education school, a kindergarten, a running track and an ice rink. There are two local grocery shops, a library and a bank.

The Flight 311 air crash[edit]

Main article: Aero Flight 311

On 3 January 1961, a DC-3, the Aero O/Y Flight 311, crashed in Kvevlax, with the loss of all 25 on board. The DC-3 crash was blamed on alcohol-intoxicated and sleep-deprived pilots. The accident remains the worst in Finnish aviation history.

Worth seeing[edit]

  • The Kvevlax Church, built in 1692. The church has a pulpit from 1696, while the organ is much younger, being purchased in 1975.
  • The Kvevlax UF house was opened in 1949, but the youth organization was formed already in 1895. The previous UF-house burned down in the winter of 1940.
  • The memorial to the air crash.

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Coordinates: 63°10′N 21°50′E / 63.167°N 21.833°E / 63.167; 21.833