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Coat of arms
Coat of arms
Location of KwaNdebele (red) within South Africa (yellow).
Capital KwaMhlanga
Languages Southern Ndebele
Political structure Bantustan
 •  Self-government 1981
 •  Re-integrated into South Africa 27 April 1994
 •  1980[1] 1,970 km2 (760 sq mi)
 •  1980[1] est. 156,380 
     Density 79/km2 (206/sq mi)
 •  1991[2] est. 404,246 
Currency South African rand
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of South Africa
Republic of South Africa

KwaNdebele was a bantustan in South Africa, intended by the apartheid government as a semi-independent homeland for the Ndebele people. The homeland was created when the South African government purchased nineteen white-owned farms and installed a government.[citation needed]

The homeland was granted self-rule in April 1981. Siyabuswa was designated as its capital, but in 1986 the capital was relocated to KwaMhlanga. The KwaNdebele legislature expressed interest in seeking independence (as in the cases of Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Venda and Ciskei) in May 1982 and some preparations were made, but an exceptional lack of viability in economic affairs along with land disputes prevented this from occurring.[3][4]

KwaNdebele was re-integrated into South Africa after the first democratic election of 27 April 1994. It now forms part of the Mpumalanga province.

Districts in 1991[edit]

Districts of the province and population at the 1991 census.[2]

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Coordinates: 25°25′55″S 28°42′29″E / 25.4320°S 28.7080°E / -25.4320; 28.7080