Kwai Chung Plaza

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Kwai Chung Plaza
Main Entrance of Kwai Chung Plaza
LocationKwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong
Address7 – 11 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong
Opening date1990
DeveloperNam Fung Group
No. of floorsG/F, 1/F, 2/F, 3/F
Public transit accessMTR Tsuen Wan Line Kwai Fong Station
Kwai Chung Plaza
Traditional Chinese葵涌廣場
Simplified Chinese葵涌广场

Kwai Chung Plaza (葵涌廣場) is a private housing estate and shopping centre located at 7 – 11 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong. It is adjacent to Kwai Fong Estate, Metroplaza and Kwai Fong Station of MTR.

It comprises four levels of retail and three residential blocks, Block 1 and Block 2 with 27 floors, and Block 3 with 26 floors.[1] The shopping centre houses small shops selling varieties of goods, mostly cheap clothing.[2][3]


The site where the plaza is located now was previously the Kwai Fong Temporary Housing Area.[4] The temporary housing area was cleared and further developed into Kwai Chung Plaza by Nan Fung Group in 1990.[5]

The Mall[edit]


There are three entrances facing Hing Fong Road, Kwai Foo Road and Hing Ning Road (Metroplaza) respectively. There is a small fair near the entrance facing Metroplaza with numerous stalls which sell goods including towels, snacks, clothes, etc. at a low price for years which has become one of the iconic features of Kwai Chung Plaza. Near the fair, there is a large diversity of shops selling Chinese medicine, phone accessories, and provide feng shui service. There is always a crowd at the entrance facing Kwai Foo Road for the large number of restaurants selling traditional local snacks, e.g. fish ball in curry sauce, rice noodle rolls, chicken legs in soy sauce, etc. which is an alternative choice for refreshment other than 3/F of the mall. Walking along the aisle towards the entrance facing Hing Ning Road, the shops mainly sell skin-care products, snacks and phone accessories, and restaurants selling noodles. The nearer the entrance, the more salons and clinics there are; right beside the entrance. Travel agencies are selling tickets for travelling to mainland China, and a restaurant located opposite the agencies.


For the first floor of Kwai Chung Plaza, there are mainly retail shops rather than food shops comparing to other floors. There are two main areas for shopping which are "Consumption Point" (MRT) and "Trendy Lane". Both of them are filled with shops selling clothes, accessories, makeup products, skin-care products and nail care products, etc. An iconic takeaway snack shop, 名星小店,[6] is located on the first floor. It sells different kinds of food all with cheese, from fish balls, sausages, to udon and Indomie instant noodles. Apart from these shops, first floor also includes some real estate agencies which you can't find in other floors.


There are two footbridges connecting to the housing estate and tenement house nearby. Moreover, there is a passage that opens for 24 hours. Basically, people can go to the shopping mall and housing estate through the second floor.

Another characteristic of the second floor is a large variety of stores. There are selling knitwear, spice bag, snack and even dried fruit and nut. Some boutiques like Ten Jin Mura use a gimmick like “all items at half prices” to attract their target customers—housewives, elderly and students who have lower consuming power. There are many other stores like Ten Jin Mura sell grocery and clothes for all ages at a very low price which is common to see these shops in Kwai Chung Plaza as well. There are shops like 數碼宅 sells phone cases and other technical products as well. It is quite common to see these shops in Kwai Chung Plaza since more and more residents are able to afford the price of high-tech products.

Also, there is pet store that sells food and pet products. The shop is called Licky's Pet House. It sells cages and sometimes provide service like freshen up pets and cutting their nails. Residents who keep pet can go there and buy utensil for their pets.


The third floor is filled with restaurants and food stalls. There is a large diversity of restaurants, such as Sichuan sour and spicy noodle, Japanese pancakes, local food like fishball and indomie and grim. There are two popular food stalls among youngsters and are worth visiting. Firstly, the ice-cream shop YUMMY MUMMY,[7] opened for years selling ice-cream and sweets which ice-cream is its signature at a low price. Another famous shop is the beverage shop 鮮果園[8] which offers numerous flavours of mixed drinks and fresh juice. Despite the small local food stalls, there are some chain restaurants, for instance, Yoshinoya and Tam Jai SamGor Mixian.

Moreover, there are boutiques on the third floor too. Like the other floors, it is divided into small parts of shopping areas, namely Modern World, Top World and Fashion New Field. They all sell trendy clothing which most of their target customers are teenage girls and office ladies.

Furthermore, there are other types of shops on the third floor too. In Modern World, there are several beauty parlors. Most of them provide nail cosmetology. There are two salons using the same gimmick of quick haircut within 10 minutes. Also, there is a Chinese clinic.





  • Chuen Lung Street (Tsuen Wan) ↔ Jubilant Place (To Gwa Wan)
  • Tsuen Wan Market Street (Tsuen Wan) ↔ Holland Street (Kennedy Town)
  • Fuk Loi Estate (Tsuen Wan) ↔ Ping Shek Estate (Choi Hung)


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Coordinates: 22°21′27″N 114°07′40″E / 22.35750°N 114.12778°E / 22.35750; 114.12778