Kwai Hing

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Kwai Hing
Kwai Hing
Traditional Chinese葵興

Kwai Hing (Chinese: 葵興) is an area of Kwai Chung Town, Hong Kong. The mainly residential area extends to North Kwai Chung in the north and east, Kwai Fong in the south, and Kwai Chung Estate to the west. It is part of the reclamation of Gin Drinkers Bay in 1960s. It is administrated by Kwai Tsing District Council. It is named after Kwai Hing Estate, a public housing estate in Kwai Chung.

Shopping malls[edit]

  • New Kwai Hing Plaza
  • Kwai Chung Centre
  • Kwai Hing Shopping Centre



Coordinates: 22°21′47″N 114°07′53″E / 22.36314°N 114.13134°E / 22.36314; 114.13134