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Tai Wo Hau Estate (linear blocks)

The following is an overview of public housing estates in Kwai Chung, Hong Kong, including Home Ownership Scheme (HOS), Private Sector Participation Scheme (PSPS), Sandwich Class Housing Scheme (SCHS), Flat-for-Sale Scheme (FFSS), and Tenants Purchase Scheme (TPS) estates.


Name Type Inaug. No Blocks No Units Notes
Cho Yiu Chuen 祖堯邨 Public 1976 8 2,532 HK Housing Society
Hibiscus Park 芊紅居 Sandwich 1998 2 420 HK Housing Society
Highland Park 浩景臺 Sandwich 1999 6 1,456 HK Housing Society
High Prosperity Terrace 高盛臺 Public 2003 2 760
Kwai Chun Court 葵俊苑 HOS 1995 3 1,050
Kwai Chung Estate 葵涌邨 Public 1997 14 11,759
Kwai Fong Estate 葵芳邨 Public 1987 12 6,449
Kwai Hing Estate 葵興邨 TPS 1991 4 383* * PRH flats only (excluding TPS)
Kwai Hong Court 葵康苑 HOS 1993 2 701
Kwai Luen Estate 葵聯邨 Public 2011 2 1,507 + two blocks under construction
Kwai Shing East Estate 葵盛東邨 Public 1989 12 7,108
Kwai Shing West Estate 葵盛西邨 Public 1975 10 5,261
Kwai Tsui Estate 葵翠邨 Public 2018 2 866
Kwai Yin Court 葵賢苑 HOS 1993 2 700
Lai King Estate 荔景邨 Public 1975 7 4,224
Lai Yan Court 荔欣苑 HOS 2001 2 1,920
Lai Yiu Estate 麗瑤邨 Public 1976 5 2,841
On Yam Estate 安蔭邨 Public 1994 8 5,492
Ning Fung Court 寧峰苑 HOS 2001 4 1,280
Shek Lei (I) Estate 石籬(一)邨 Public 1985 9 4,989
Shek Lei (II) Estate 石籬(二)邨 Public 1994 9 5,597
Shek Yam East Estate 石蔭東邨 Public 1996 3 2,331
Shek Yam Estate 石蔭邨 Public 2000 3 2,331
Tai Wo Hau Estate 大窩口邨 Public 1979 17 7,860
Tsui Yiu Court 翠瑤苑 HOS 1981 1 292
Wah Lai Estate 華荔邨 Public 2001 2 1,517
Yi Fung Court 怡峰苑 HOS 1999 2 700
Yin Lai Court 賢麗苑 HOS 1991 2 560
Yuet Lai Court 悅麗苑 HOS 1981 4 704


Cho Yiu Chuen[edit]

Overview of Cho Yiu Chuen
Cho Yiu Place, a redecorated shopping centre of Cho Yuen Chuen

Cho Yiu Chuen (Chinese: 祖堯邨) consists of 8 residential buildings with a total of 2,532 units, which were built in 1977, 1978 and 1981.[1] It also provides elderly persons flats at Chung Ling Sheh (Chinese: 松齡舍).[2] It was named for Sir Cho Yiu Kwan (Chinese: 關祖堯爵士), one of the founders of Hong Kong Housing Society.[3] It received a Certificate of Merit at the 1981 Hong Kong Institute of Architects Annual Awards.[4]

Name[5] Completion
Kai Chun Lau 1977
Kai Kwong Lau
Kai Lim Lau
Kai Him Lau 1978–1979
Kai Hang Lau
Kai Min Lau
Chung Ling Sheh
Kai King Lau 1981

Kai King Lau is the tallest building in Cho Yiu Chuen with 38 storeys. It was also the tallest public housing building in the world at that time.[6][7]

Hibiscus Park[edit]

Hibiscus Park

Hibiscus Park (Chinese: 芊紅居) is a SCHS estate in Kwai Chung,[8] near Kwai Chung Sports Ground, Kwai Fong.[9][10] Formerly the site of Kwai Hong Temporary Housing Area (Chinese: 葵康臨時房屋區),[11] it consists of 2 blocks built in 1998.[12]

Highland Park[edit]

Highland Park

Highland Park (Chinese: 浩景臺) is a SCHS estate,[8] developed by the HKHS and situated at the mid-level of Lai King Hill, Kwai Chung.[13] Formerly the site of Lai King Temporary Housing Area (Chinese: 荔景臨時房屋區),[11] It has totally 6 blocks built in 1999, offering 1,456 flats.[14]

High Prosperity Terrace[edit]

High Prosperity Terrace (Chinese: 高盛臺) was PSPS estate which was jointly by the Hong Kong Housing Authority and Supertime Holdings. However, it was transferred to rental public housing estate in 2002. Its rent are now fixed at 10% above the best rents of the district concerned in view of their higher standard of finishes and fittings.[15][16] It has two residential buildings, completed in 2003.[17] Formerly the site of Kwai Lok Temporary Housing Area (Chinese: 葵樂臨時房屋區),[18]

Kwai Chun Court[edit]

Kwai Chun Court

Kwai Chun Court (Chinese: 葵俊苑) is a HOS court in Kwai Chung, near Kwai Hing Estate. It has 3 blocks built in 1995.

Name[19] Type Completion
Kwai Cheong House NCB 1995
Kwai Yue House
Kwai Fung House

Kwai Chung Estate[edit]

Kwai Chung Estate, Phase 1 Redevelopment
Kwai Chung Estate, Phase 3 Redevelopment

Kwai Chung Estate (Chinese: 葵涌邨) is now under the management of the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA). The phase 1 and phase 3-5 of its redevelopment were completed progressively in 1998, 2000 and 2005. Starting from 1993, the Housing Department has embarked on the redevelopment of Kwai Chung Estate. After 12 years of work, the entire redevelopment project was realised in 2005. Being the largest public housing estate in Hong Kong, Kwai Chung Estate provides 11,759 rental flats for about 33,300 people. The redevelopment works also include realignment of Sheung Kok Street, road improvement works and the allocation of 800 flats in Kwai Fuk Court for disciplined services quarters.[20] It features commercial centre, carpark, public transport interchange, post office, social welfare and recreational facilities.[20] Pak Kwai House and Hop Kwai House were built of the site of the former Kwai Chung Factory Estate.

House name Type Completion
Chun Kwai House (春葵樓) Harmony 1 1997
Ha Kwai House (夏葵樓)
Chau Kwai House (秋葵樓)
Yan Kwai House (茵葵樓) 2000
Pik Kwai House (碧葵樓) New Harmony 1 2005
Chui Kwai House (翠葵樓)
Chin Kwai House (芊葵樓)
Nga Kwai House (雅葵樓)
Yuk Kwai House (旭葵樓)
Ying Kwai House (映葵樓)
Hiu Kwai House (曉葵樓)
Luk Kwai House (綠葵樓)
Tsz Kwai House (芷葵樓)
Yat Kwai House (逸葵樓)
Pak Kwai House (百葵樓) New Harmony 1 2008
Hop Kwai House (合葵樓)

Kwai Fong Estate[edit]

Kwai Fong Estate

Kwai Fong Estate (Chinese: 葵芳邨) is built on the reclaimed land of Gin Drinkers Bay, later the town centre of Kwai Chung, and the south of Kwai Hing Estate. Kwai Fong Station is named from the name of the estate. It comprises 12 buildings with a total of 6400 units and 1 shopping arcade. Before redevelopment, it consisted of 11 buildings which were completed between 1971 and 1973. In 1982, the buildings were revealed to have structural defects.[21] In 1985, the HKHA announced that the strength of the concrete in blocks 8, 9, 10 and 11 of Kwai Fong Estate was below standard. Those blocks were demolished between 1985 and 1989.[22] Other old buildings were also demolished in the 1990s to cope with the estate redevelopment. The estate was later redeveloped with 12 new buildings built between 1987 and 2002.

House name[23] Type Completion
Kwai Yan House New Slab 1987
Kwai Chi House Linear 1
Kwai Tak House 1991
Kwai Shun House Linear 3
Kwai On House 1990
Kwai Kin House Harmony 3 1993
Kwai Ming House Harmony 1 1996
Kwai Ching House
Kwai Tai House 1998
Kwai Oi House Single Aspect Building 2000
Kwai Foon House New Cruciform 2002
Kwai Hei House

Kwai Hing Estate[edit]

Kwai Hing Estate

Kwai Hing Estate (Chinese: 葵興邨) was built in the valley of Gin Drinkers Bay,[24] later the town centre of Kwai Chung. Kwai Hing Station is named after the name of the estate. It comprises 4 buildings with a total of 400 rental units (TPS units excluded) and 1 shopping arcade. Before redevelopment, it consisted of 5 buildings which were completed between 1970 and 1972. In 1985, the HKHA announced that the strength of the concrete in blocks 3, 4 and 5 of Kwai Hing Estate were below standard.[25] All the blocks were later demolished between 1988 and 1992 to cope with the estate redevelopment.[22] The estate was later redeveloped with 5 buildings between 1991 and 1992.

Name[26] Type Completion
Hing Kok House Linear 1 1991
Hing Yat House
Hing Fuk House 1992
Hing Lok House

Kwai Hong Court[edit]

Kwai Hong Court

Kwai Hong Court is a HOS court in Kwai Chung, near Sun Kwai Hing Gardens and Kwai Hing Station. It consists of two blocks built in 1993.

Name[27] Type Completion
Kwai Ming House Non-Standard 1993
Kwai Yat House

Kwai Luen Estate[edit]

Kwai Luen Estate

Kwai Luen Estate (Chinese: 葵聯邨) opened on Kwai Luen Road in 2011 with two residential blocks. Two additional houses are under construction on Kwai Shing Circuit. It was one of the public housing estates detected to have excessive lead contents in its water supply in 2015.[28]

Name[27] Type Completion
Luen Hei House Non-standard 2011
Luen Yan House
Luen Yat House 2014
Luen Yuet House

Kwai Shing East Estate[edit]

Kwai Shing East Estate

Kwai Shing East Estate (Chinese: 葵盛東邨) is located at the east of Kwai Shing West Estate, and now consists of 12 residential buildings and a shopping centre.[29] Kwai Shing East Estate was formerly Kwai Shing Estate (Chinese: 葵盛邨) which had nine blocks (blocks 12 to 20) completed in 1972 and 1973. In 1977, these blocks were renamed as Kwai Shing East Estate.[30] In 1985, the HKHA announced that the strength of the concrete in Blocks 18 and 20 of the estate were below standard. Those blocks were demolished in 1989.[22] The remaining blocks (except block 12) were demolished and replaced by new buildings in the 1990s and 2000s.[31] In 1995, Block 12 was converted into Interim Housing temporarily to settle people ineligible for public rental housing.[32] But in 2008, the Hong Kong Housing Authority announced plans to demolish block 12 in 2010.[33]

Name[34][35] Type Completion
Block 12 Interim Housing 1972
(To be demolished in 2010)
Shing Fung House Linear 1 1990
Shing Hei House
Shing Hing House Harmony 1 1993
Shing On House Harmony 3A
Shing Kwok House 1997
Shing Lok House Harmony 1 1998
Shing Fu House
Shing Keung House 1999
Shing Yat House
Shing Ka House Small Household Block
Shing Wo House 2003

Kwai Shing West Estate[edit]

Kwai Shing West Estate

Kwai Shing West Estate (Chinese: 葵盛西邨) is located at the east of Kwai Shing East Estate, and consists of 10 residential buildings completed between 1975 and 1977.[36]

Name[37][38] Type Completion
Block 1 Old Slab 1977
Block 2
Block 3 1976
Block 4
Block 5
Block 6
Block 7
Block 8
Block 9
Block 10 1975

Kwai Tsui Estate[edit]

Kwai Tsui Estate is a new rental estate built on the site of the former Kwai Chung Police Married Quarters. It comprises two domestic blocks, of 23 and 24 storeys respectively, and a three-storey podium. The estate provides about 866 flats that can accommodate a total population of about 2,400 residents. The first tenants moved in on 30 April 2018.[39]

English name Chinese name Type Completion
Bik Tsui House 碧翠樓 Non-standard block (cruciform design) 2018
Luk Tsui House 綠翠樓

Lai King Estate[edit]

Phase 2, Lai King Estate

Lai King Estate (Chinese: 荔景邨) is one of the oldest public housing estates in Kwai Tsing District. It is divided into 2 phases and consists of a total of 7 residential buildings completed in 1975 (Phase 1) and 1976 (Phase 2) respectively.[40] Lai King Station is located between the two phases.[41]

Name[42] Type Completion
Fung King House Old Slab 1975
Wo King House
Yat King House
Ming King House
Yeung King House 1976
On King House
Lok King House

Lai Yan Court[edit]

Lai Yan Court

Lai Yan Court (Chinese: 荔欣苑) is a HOS court in Kwai Chung, located near Wah Lai Estate and within walking distance to Mei Foo Station. Together with Wah Lai Estate and Nob Hill, it was formerly the site of Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park. It has 3 blocks built in 2001.[43]

Name[44] Type Completion
Lai Ying House Harmony 2001
Lai Choi House
Lai Lam House

Lai Yiu Estate[edit]

Lai Yiu Estate

Lai Yiu Estate (Chinese: 麗瑤邨) is located at the north mid-level of Lai King Estate. It consists of 5 residential buildings completed in 1976, 1977 and 1999 respectively.[45][46]

Name[47] Type Completion
Fu Yiu House Twin Tower 1976
Kwai Yiu House 1977
Lok Yiu House
Wah Yiu House Old Slab
Wing Yiu House Small Household Block 1999

Ning Fung Court[edit]

Ning Fung Court

Ning Fung Court (Chinese: 寧峰苑) is a HOS court in North Kwai Chung, located near Shek Yam Estate and Shek Yam East Estate.[48]

Name Type Completion
Ching Fung House Concord 2001
Long Fung House
Ting Fung House
Yun Fung House

On Yam Estate[edit]

On Yam Estate

On Yam Estate (Chinese: 安蔭邨) is situated on land which was formerly the location of Shek Yam Temporary Housing Area (Chinese: 石蔭臨時房屋區) and Shek Lei Temporary Housing Area (Chinese: 石籬臨時房屋區).[49] The estate consists of 8 residential buildings (in Phase 1 and 2) completed in 1994 and 1995.[50]

Name[51] Type Completion
Hong Yam House Harmony 1 1994
Kar Yam House
Cheung Yam House
Yiu Yam House 1995
Tak Yam House
Chak Yam House
Fung Yam House
Shing Yam House

Shek Lei Estate[edit]

Shek Lei (I) Estate

Shek Lei Estate (Chinese: 石籬邨) is located near Shek Yam Estate, On Yam Estate and Shek Yam East Estate.[52] The estate separates into three parts, Shek Lei (I) Estate (Chinese: 石籬(一)邨), Shek Lei (II) Estate (Chinese: 石籬(二)邨) and Shek Lei Interim Housing (Chinese: 石籬中轉房屋). It has totally 22 blocks and 2 shopping centres with the population of about 35,000. It is currently the second largest public housing estates in Kwai Chung.

Shek Yam East Estate[edit]

Shek Yam East Estate

Shek Yam East Estate (Chinese: 石蔭東邨) was developed by the HKHA, and the year of intake was 1996.[53] It was developed on the former site of Tai Pak Tin Temporary Housing Area (Chinese: 大白田臨時房屋區), and not as a redevelopment of Shek Yam Estate. It is therefore considered as an independent estate.[54] Shek Yam East Estate is a comparatively small public housing estate for Hong Kong standards, comprising three[53] 39-floor[55] residential buildings, without market and shopping centre. It comprises a total of 2,500 apartments, with sizes ranging from 13.6 to 49 m2. The authorized population was 6,500 at the end of 2007.[53] The nearby Shek Yam Shopping Centre, located within Shek Yam Estate serves this estate.

Name[53] Type Completion
Yam Heng House Harmony 1 1996
Yam Hing House
Yam Yue House

Shek Yam Estate[edit]

Shek Yam Estate

Shek Yam Estate (Chinese: 石蔭邨) was the first Government Low Cost Housing Scheme estate in Kwai Chung. It had 8 blocks built in 1968, which were all demolished in the 1990s and 2000s.

The estate was redeveloped into 4 phases. Phase 2 consists of three rental residential blocks, a car park podium and a shopping centre which were completed in 2000.[56] Phase 3 consists of four HOS concord-typed blocks, Ning Fung Court.[57] Phase 1 and Phase 4 were handed over to Leisure and Cultural Services Department to construct a park, Sham Yam Lei Muk Road Park.[58][59] Phase 5 was the old site of Shek Yam Community Hall and a HOS building, but it was renamed Lai Shek House and changed to rental use.

Name[60] Type Completion
Chi Shek House Harmony 1 2000
Yan Shek House
Yung Shek House Linear 1
Lai Shek House Non-standard 2006

Tai Wo Hau Estate / Kwai Yin Court[edit]

Tai Wo Hau Estate (harmony blocks)

Tsui Yiu Court[edit]

Tsui Yiu Court

Tsui Yiu Court is a HOS court in Lai King Hill, Kwai Chung, near Lai Yiu Estate and Castle Peak Road (Kwai Chung Section). It has 1 block built in 1981.

Name[61] Type Completion
Tsui Yiu Court Non-standard 1981

Wah Lai Estate[edit]

Wah Lai Estate

Wah Lai Estate (Chinese: 華荔邨) consists of two residential buildings completed in 2001.[62]

Although it administratively belongs to Kwai Tsing District, it is very near Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Lai Chi Kok rather than other parts in Kwai Chung. Sham Shui Po District Council requested the government to include the estate into its district, but there are still no changes in the boundary related to the estate.[63][64] However, the government decided to include the entire Nob Hill, a private housing estate next to Wah Lai Estate, into Sham Shui Po District in 2007.[65]

Name[62] Type Completion
Hei Lai House Harmony 1 2001
Seung Lai House

Yi Fung Court[edit]

Yi Yung Court (Chinese: 怡峰苑) is a HOS court in the upper hill of Shek Lei Extension, Lei Pui Street. It has totally 2 blocks built in 1999.

Yin Lai Court[edit]

Yin Lai Court

Yin Lai Court (Chinese: 賢麗苑) is a HOS court in Kwai Chung, near Lai King Estate and Lai King Station. It has two blocks and a shopping centre built in 1991.[66]

Name[67] Type Completion
Yin Kwong House Flexi 3 1991
Yin Tak House

Yuet Lai Court[edit]

Yuet Lai Court

Yuet Lai Court (Chinese: 悅麗苑) is a HOS court in Kwai Chung, near Lai King Estate and Lai King Station. It has totally 4 blocks, located at the east of Lai King Hill Road. It was sold to the public through Home Ownership Scheme Phase 1 in 1981. It is one of the earliest HOS courts in Hong Kong.[68]

Name[69] Type Completion
Lai Wan House Non-Standard 1981
Lai Wah House
Lai Ha House
Lai Hung House


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