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Kwame Dixon (born c. 1960) is a political scientist and human rights activist who specializes on race in the Americas.[1][2] His field of interest is in African descendant people living in Latin America, North America and South America. He is a professor of Afro-Latino Studies, Race, Democracy and Human Rights for Afro-Latin Americans.[3] He currently works at Howard University as a professor in the department of African American Studies.[4] He contributes articles to The Hemispheric Institute E-misférica,[5] He is also a consultant for NGO's like Consultant – Club of Madrid Expert: African Women's Leadership Project.[2]


He has a B.A, MA, and PhD in Political Science.[2] He currently teaches at Syracuse University. He has been a visiting professor at Depauw University.[6] He was a Fulbright Scholar.[2] He has conducted field research on Afro American communities in Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Cuba, and Nicaragua.[6] He has been a visiting professor in Spain for three years.



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Journal Publications[edit]

  • "Afro-Cinema in Latin America: a new cultural renaissance," e-misférica – a Journal of Performance and Politics in the Americas -2008
  • "Where is Sara Gomez," SCOPE – A Journal of Critical Film Studies October 2007.
  • "Afro-Colombians and the Struggle for Human Rights" Wadabagei, Journal of the Caribbean and its Diaspora, Special Issue on the Black presence in Latin, Volume 8, Number 1, Winter 2005 [2]
  • "Discriminación Racial y Derechos Humanos: Los derechos de los No-Ciudadanos" (Racial Discrimination and Human Rights: The Rights of Non – Citizens,): Revista Española de Estudios Norteamericanos - 2003[2]

TV Appearances[edit]

Race and Revolution in Cuba Democracy Now!, 2000 himself[1]