Kwan Kung Pavilion

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Kwan Kung Pavilion
Cheung chau temple.jpg
Kwan Kung Pavilion
Basic information
Affiliation Chinese folk religion
Deity Kwan Kung
Region Cheung Chau
Country  Hong Kong
Completed 1973
Kwan Kung Pavilion
Traditional Chinese 關公忠義亭
Yale Romanization Gwāan gūng jūng yih tìhng
Jyutping Gwaan1 gung1 zung1 ji6 ting4

Kwan Kung Pavilion (Chinese: 關公忠義亭; Kwan Kung Chung Yi Ting) is a temple on Cheung Chau island in Hong Kong. It was built in 1973,[1] and is dedicated to the god of war and wealth Kwan Tai (also transliterated as Guan Yu or Kwan Kung). His sword, The Kwan Dou, is also displayed in the Kwan Kung Pavilion.

The temple contains an eight-feet-tall Kwan Tai statue crafted from a whole piece of camphor wood.[1] There is an incense burner with two dragons in front of the pavilion.[2]

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  • Pictures of the temple: [1] [2]

Coordinates: 22°12′22″N 114°01′55″E / 22.206073°N 114.032026°E / 22.206073; 114.032026 (Kwan Kung Pavilion, Cheung Chau)